Neem Oil For Dogs: What You Need To Know First

neem oil for dogs
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

I’m tired of giving my dog potent medication every time he’s got itchy skin, bug bites, or any other types of mites. I know he needs it, but I started wondering if there wasn’t a more natural way. To my surprise, neem oil for dogs is actually quite popular, and can promote my dog’s overall health while keeping him shiny and clean!

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What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is produced from the neem tree in India, which has been used for thousands of years for tons of medical issues! The actual oil is from the seed kernels of the tree. After they’re crushed and pressed, you get your oil.

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It can smell a little like burnt garlic mixed with onion, but if you look past the smell, you’ll see so many various health benefits for you and your pup.

Benefits of Neem Oil

We’ve all wondered if there’s a cure-all medication out there, and actually, there is. Neem oil does it all while being both nontoxic and completely natural.

General Benefits

Neem oil might just be considered some type of miracle with how easy and natural it is. It’s an antiseptic, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal. On top of that, it promotes strong teeth, a strong immune system, and a good coat.

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Skin Problems

When it comes to your dog then, if they’re a little itchy because of allergies, bugs, or have dry patches, neem oil fixes things right up. Skin health should be improved, and you’ll notice a nice shiny coat.

Bug Repellant

Neem oil can even be used to repel mosquitoes on you, your dog, and your plants during those sweltering summer months too. It kills those mosquitoes and fleas naturally with no harmful side effects. Any sort of itching or scratching from these pesky bugs is completely gone!

How to Use It

So it’s great that neem oil works so well for a variety of things, but do I just rub it over their coat? Well you can’t just use raw neem oil, but luckily the process is pretty easy.

neem oil for dogs

No More Itchy Skin

If your dog has irritated skin or hair loss, be sure to dilute it with another oil like coconut, olive, almond, or grapeseed oil. It’s really potent, so just a few drops with a tablespoon of your other oil will be fine. You can even increase it to half and half as long as you watch for reactions. Warm the oil a little in warm water, not the microwave, and blend them very slightly. Then just massage it into your pooch’s skin! Twice a day is just fine, and once after a few days when it starts working. Just be sure to keep an eye on your pup to make sure they’re not licking it.

Bug Repellant Shampoo

To keep fleas and mosquitoes away from your dog, or to treat itchy skin too, you can make your own shampoo! A teaspoon of oil with two tablespoons of regular dog shampoo is easy enough. Mix these right before since the neem will break down in the shampoo is you leave it. Then just wash your dog, and try to leave the shampoo on before rinsing.

Easy Sprays

Grab 10 parts water and one part neem oil with a few drops of detergent to make an easy spray! You’ll need to make it one day at a time, and make sure it’s warm before you use it, but you can apply this quickly if you don’t have too much time. A few quick sprays should help your dog’s skin problems without pulling your own hair out.

A Word of Caution

Children and babies should stay far away and pregnant and breastfeeding women should wait to use it too. No one should be eating it, although you can use it on horses, cattle, and cats too. Be most careful not to allow your dog to jump up on anything after application! It will rub off and your furniture will be stained. Keep the smell in mind too. It really is potent and might need some lavender or eucalyptus to mask it.

You can buy pre-made oils too as long as you’re sure they don’t have ingredients that will make the irritation worse. If you have time to make your own though, cold-pressed neem oil is perfect and cost effective. Just heat it gently before you use it and it’ll be at the perfect consistency.

What Neem Oil Doesn’t Help With

Sadly, no treatment works with everything, even neem oil. It usually works with internal parasites, but unfortunately the tapeworm isn’t affected. All types of ticks may not meet their end either. The brown dog tick is particularly resistant, so while you will see a decrease in bites, they won’t disappear completely.

Neem oil for dogs is only something I just recently heard of, but it’s amazing that it’s so helpful! There are lots of uses for this simple oil, including sprays and shampoos that help the skin and keep bugs away. I’ve added this natural spray (read more about it!) to my dog’s health regime, and with all the benefits, you might start thinking about it too!

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