Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera

Nexgadget Pet Security Wireless Camera for Home
(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

The safety and security of your family depend on you creating an airtight security system for your home and that will be contingent on your unique requirements. Of course, you don’t have to stretch your budget too much when it comes to your choice, as there are multiple affordable security systems that can ensure maximum protection for your family. One such reliable security system is the Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera, which we will further discuss below. Also, learn more here if you want to read more camera comparisons.

About Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera

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Weighing a mere 12.6 ounces, the Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera is a unit that is lightweight, ensuring that anybody can set it up, even those with reduced mobility. Using eight infrared LED lights that allow for excellent night vision that can reach up to 16 feet, you will be able to achieve uninterrupted surveillance, regardless of the time of day or night, 24/7.

If you have young children, pets, or unattended family members, you will be able to seamlessly view live footage and even record it – even in the middle of the night. Moreover, it’s hard not to mention the fact that the dual IR-CUT Filter auto-switch option sets in once darkness crops up, turning on Night Vision.

Another impressive feature is the motion detection of this Wi-Fi IP Camera. Once any abnormal activity triggers the camera, an alarm will subsequently be heard, sending alarm pictures that will be posted to your FTP, MicroSD and e-mail. What separates this product from other security camera systems is the ability to adjust the motion detection sensibility, all while using the auto-snapshot feature.

This attractive camera comes in both red and white, both beautiful and appealing colors a modern choice for any household. Additionally, by using a two-way audio with an in-built microphone, you won’t ever need to worry about not being able to speak while hearing what’s happening in the background. In fact, you are able to tell your fluffy companion to stop chewing your furniture, or scare any intruders before the police forces arrive – all with the press of one button.

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Nexgadget Pet Security Wireless Camera for Home

• Easy setup that features a one-key Wi-Fi setup, making it easy for any newbie to configure either on the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, or MAC/PC
• Motion detection helps detect abnormalities, triggering an alarm that automatically sends you an email notification
• Two-way audio allows you to listen and speak at the same time
• Stunning viewing experience due to the 340-degree horizontal angle and the 110-degree vertical angle, offering you the chance to view the entire room in all its glory
• The in-built auto IR-CUT filter provides impeccable and crystal-clear color integrity
• The powerful LED lights allow for night vision for up to 26 feet – for live view and recording video – even in complete darkness


The Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera has the goal of shying away from complicated setup processes that take hours to put together – even for those who have a degree in computer science. Equipped with Sonic Recognition, this camera can be set up by using a simple mobile device that can easily connect to Wi-Fi. Afterwards, enjoy the live video using your phone, tablet, or computer – it’s as easy as that.

The first step is to download the app named “iSmartViewPro,” afterwards clicking “More,” then “One Key WiFi.” Once that’s done, click “Input WiFi name and WiFi Password” and lastly, click “Configure.” One thing to remember is to connect your mobile to WiFi, not using your 4G or 3G.

Once that is done and dusted, you’ll hear a small “beep” that will signal the connection. Place the mobile near the camera, less than 1 meter away, or until the LED camera slowly starts to blink, marking the “on” status.

The last step is to add the camera to the app, afterwards scanning the QR code and clicking “search Lan,” which will take you to the page where you need to set your original password.

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• Clear picture quality
• Can control up and down
• Excellent customer service and product arrives quickly
• Left and right movement
• Automatic switching to night vision
• Daytime shooting
• Excellent night vision


• Short warranty of only around 60 days
• The application doesn’t have a consistent quality
• Not water resistant or weatherproof

The Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera offers customers excellent value for money, especially considering the vast array of features that you are able to enjoy – from HD image quality, to the night vision option. Whether you’re looking to keep track of your children and your young pets, or whether you want to offer safety and security to all of your family members, the Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera is a smart choice.

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