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(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

Owning a cat is a rewarding experience that anyone can have. From the energetic play sessions (with laser pointers!), to the lazy cuddles, and the random cat attacks on your feet- should they move under the covers. Cats are amazing, and a little crazy at times. That’s why your cat can entertain you that could almost make you forget about yesterday news!

So when it comes to caring for your cat, then you search for the best options for cat food, cat toys, and cat litter box substrates. The options are numerous, but the quality is not going to be the same when you use it. Each type of cat litter has different pros and cons, materials, scented, unscented, clumping, non-clumping, and so much more. For now, we’ll take a look at paper cat litter options.

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The Versatility of Paper Cat Litter

Paper is used just about everywhere you look. From cat or other pet food bags to packing supplies for dishes and packages, even home insulation! It’s so versatile that its uses are nearly endless. As paper pellets or paper litter solutions for your cat litter box, it is very economical. Paper pellets or paper litter are environmentally friendly and healthier for your cat overall to get rid of its cat feces.

What is Paper Cat litter?

Paper cat litter is made from recycled paper and is either pressed into pellets or is simply shredded up and loose. The paper is cleaned, and all ink and chemicals are thoroughly removed from the paper before being shredded, pressed and packaged up into becoming paper pellets.

Top 6 Paper Cat litters on the Market

  1. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter
  2. Small Pet Select Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter
  3. Hartz Multi-Cat Lightweight Recycled Clumping Paper Cat Litter
  4. So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter
  5. Fresh News Cat Litter
  6. ökocat Natural Paper Cat Litter, Dust Free

1: Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

purina yesterday


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Purina is a brand many pet owners trust, and for a good reason. They make everything in the best interest of pets’ health, while staying mindful of everyone’s pocketbooks. Their Yesterday’s News unscented paper cat litter is vet recommended and trusted. This cat litter can come in pelleted or shredded forms, so you can choose which style is best for you.

This cat litter is unscented, making it safe for pets or owners with allergies and asthma. And with a low dust accumulation, makes it safe for your cats lungs and can help prevent lung damage from dust inhalation.


  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Absorb moisture up to 3x more than the traditional clay-based litters
  • Biodegradable
  • No added fragrance
  • Designed for low-tracking
  • Made from Recycled Paper
  • Non Abrasive on paws
  • Purfect for Cats with Allergies


  • Non-clumping
  • Not Flushable
  • Frequent cleaning required

2: Fresh News Cat Litter

fresh news


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This cat litter is a great choice for a cat with allergies and helps prevent respiratory infections and those with super sensitive sniffers of cat litter by locking away the ammonia odor that comes with cat urine. Your home will stay smelling fresh, and there won’t be any more cat litter tracked all around your home.

The paper in this paper cat litter is sourced to keep less waste in the landfills and is great for reusing for compost in your garden since it’s 100% biodegradable. While the label box has no warnings against flushing, it is best to play it safe and either not flush it, or flush it in very small quantities so as not to potentially clog up your septic pipes.


  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • Added Baking Soda  for odor control
  • Biodegradable
  • Flushable (Dependant on Sewer system)
  • Soft natural pellets
  • Resealable bag for extra freshness
  • Dust free and non allergenic


  • Non-clumping paper litter
  • Frequent cleaning required


3: Small Pet Select Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter


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If you’re all for supporting small business, while still making a contribution to preventing landfill waste, then Small Pet Select is a great choice, and not just for those reasons above.

100% recycled paper cat is used in this cat litter, and nothing else! This cat litter comes in pellets form for better absorption and extended cat litter box use. It’s easy to spot clean and comes in 10lb, 25lb, and 50lb options at a reasonable cost.


  • 100% Non-Toxic Recycled Paper
  • Absorbs 3X More Than Clay-Based Litter
  • All-Natural Odor Blocker
  • 99.9% Dust-Free
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Needs cleaned more frequently
  • Non-flushable paper cat litter


4: So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

so phresh


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While not labeled as specifically for cats, it’s multipurpose uses make this cat litter a great option for anyone with cats and other small furries in their home. It quickly absorbs liquids and controls odors with added baking soda and other odor-controlling ingredients that are pet safe and odor-free cat litter box


  • 95% Recycled Paper
  • Safe for use in all small animal habitats
  • Added Baking Soda & odor-neutralizing ingredients use for effective odor control
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to spot clean


  • Non Flushable Paper Cat Litter
  • Needs frequent cleaning

5: ökocat Natural Paper Cat Litter, Dust Free


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While it is the most expensive paper cat litter on this list, it is still highly effective like the others. Ökocat claims to be able to block ammonia odors in the cat litter box, mainly due to the structure of the paper pellets. It’s larger pellets compared to other brands, increasing the absorbance of liquids and extending the life of the pellets litter while it’s in the cat litter box.

It’s ability to be 100% dust free is due the pellets being softer than its competitors, preventing it from breaking apart as much. It has absolutely no chemicals, as ökocat pellets litter comes from 100% sustainable, reclaimed paper pulp, not recycled paper. As a big plus, certified flushable, so cleaning up could never be any easier.


  • 100% Natural Paper Pellets
  • No added harmful chemical or scent
  • Certified to be Flushable
  • Biodegradable


  • Non Clumping paper cat litter
  • Expensive compared to other paper cat litter brands

6: Hartz Multi-Cat Lightweight Recycled Clumping Paper Cat Litter



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Hartz has a special feature most other cat paper litter doesn’t: It clumps! This is due to having an added polymer and starch added into the cat litter. This makes cleaning in general faster as the clumps won’t stick to the pan. It also isn’t hard like most clumping litters, so it’s more gentle on your cat’s sensitive paws and won’t get stuck between the pads or toes.

Another unique feature Hartz has is that when soiled, the lumps will turn blue so you’ll know exactly where to clean!


  • 80% Recycled Paper
  • Quick clumping
  • 70% lighter than clumping clay litters
  • 99% Dust-free


  • Remaining 20% includes a super-absorbent polymer
  • Not flushable


What are the Benefits of Cat Paper Litter?

Cat Paper litter has many benefits to go along with it, many geared towards the health of your cat, as well as yours.

Dust Free: No dust means no sneezing when refilling the cat litter box or scooping out the waste of your cat. This is excellent to use for those with allergies or asthma.

Won’t get stuck to the long hair of your cat: Oftentimes clay litter will stick to a long-haired cat, and get annoying tracked all over your home. They also end up ingesting the litter inside the cat litter box when grooming themselves, causing indigestion or constipation. Paper litter or paper pellets don’t stick, so it’ll stay in the cat litter box and off the fur of your cat.

Doesn’t stick to delicate paws: Since paper pellets don’t stick, it won’t get tracked all over your clean floors or stuck between delicate paw pads and cause irritation or sores. Paper litter really has a greater advantage in this.

Easier to clean than clay litter: Traditional litters tend to stick to surfaces when wet and are difficult to clean, not this cat litter solution though. When wet it won’t stick to the cat litter box when it’s time to clean it out, and it’s easier to spot clean than traditional litters.

Absorbs 3x more liquid than clay litter: Paper in general is more absorbent than clay or other litters, so it can be used for longer if necessary or by multiple cats and is less wasteful.

Not Just for cats: Paper litter is great for other small pets like ferrets, gerbils, mice, and rabbits, and generally is used for small pets. It can be used for some reptiles, but it is not recommended for reptiles that need humidity- as the paper bedding could grow mold if it stays moist for too long with minimal airflow. Be sure to check species care requirements and with a vet before using them for reptiles.

No added chemicals: There are no potential harsh chemicals added to paper litter for the cat litter box to be safe and low-tracking


What are the Downsides of Paper Cat Litter use

There’s not much that is bad about paper litter compared to the benefits, while there are a few downsides to use paper cat litter.

  1. Generally Non-clumping: Unlike clay clumping litter, it won’t clump up when wet or stick to feces in mass. It’s really non-clumping, so you will end up seeing the “end business” your feline leaves behind.
  2. No Fragrances to cover smells: If dealing with multiple cats, the ammonia can get overwhelming, and since there’s no added fragrances, the smell won’t stay hidden for long.
  3. Can be more expensive than Clay litter: While traditional clay litters are cheaper by the pound or volume, paper litter can be a bit more expensive, especially when looking at the style with pellets of paper litter.


What Styles of Paper Litter Are There?

shredded papers

There’s two types of paper litter, pellets or shredded/ loose. A good example of loose paper bedding is CareFresh- a brand of small animal bedding that consists of paper and sometimes fragrances. While CareFresh is great for rabbits and gerbils, it won’t exactly work for your cats, as the paper is typically in larger chunks and not finely shredded.

Paper pellets litter

Pellets bedding is paper that’s been pressed into a small cylinder and then cut into small pieces. When the pellets get wet they expand as they absorb moisture. They’re slightly heavier than loose paper bedding, and won’t make a big mess when your cat sift through it in the cat litter box.

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DIY Paper Cat Litter

You can make your own paper cat litter from home, but it will take some time, materials, and equipment to make your own from home.

  1. Shred old newspapers, packing paper, or printer paper using a paper shredder. 
  2. Soak it in warm water and mix it with dish soap to remove ink.
  3. Drain the water using a colander and repeat the soaking and draining process without the dish soap to rinse out any remaining dye or ink. 
  4. Sprinkle baking soda on the wet paper and knead the mixture together. The baking soda will help eliminate the ammonia smell when your cats urinate.
  5. Squeeze the remaining water out. Crumble the mass of wet paper and leave to dry under the sun for several hours, or dry it in your oven at the lowest temperature setting until dry.

*NOTE: You can add a few drops of petsafe essential oils to add a faint fragrance to the paper to help eliminate ammonia and cover the smell. Do so after rinsing the paper for the last time before drying.*

Most Cat Paper Litters are Flushable

Most cat paper litters will be safe to flush, but take precautions when doing so and check to make sure it’s safe for your septic system. Flushing in small amounts will help prevent clogging, but do not flush any litters that use components that are not flushable.

Give Cat Paper Litter a Chance

All of these litters are great to use for compost piles after being solid, or can be thrown in the trash. If you’re looking for a better litter for your cat’s litter box, that is healthier and more environmentally friendly, then take a chance with cat paper litter and see if it’s the right fit for you and your feline companions.

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