Pawbo Review: Does It Really Work?

pawbo pet cam review
(Last Updated On: October 8, 2020)

There is no denying that we would go to great lengths in order to ensure the safety and security of our family and loved ones. For most of us, our pets are family as well; and if you’ve ever wondered what is going on at home with your furry one while you’re away, you now have an opportunity to find out: a pet camera.

There is a variety of brands available on the market; however this article will focus on an intelligent yet affordable product called the Pawbo Pet Cam.

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pawbo pet cam review

About Pawbo

As a general rule of thumb, pet cams have many different features, depending on how much you’ve invested in an item. In terms of usage, such products give you the opportunity to interact with your pet, either by giving them a treat, letting them play the laser game, or talking to them.

Ultimately, products such as Pawbo Pet Cam are designed to break the monotony of your pet either being home alone, feeling left behind or simply lacking the comfort it needs.


Smart Design

When it comes to size, there is a high chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s nearly impossible to truly judge a product based on its marketing pictures, however unboxing the Pawbo Pet Cam may prove a good experience.

The small and elegant design features a camera that although is made of plastic has an exquisite white and black glossy appearance. The product seamlessly fits into most environments, but especially in a modern household which easily embraces the high-techy feel of such items.

Additionally, the product appears well-made, and although it’s not heavy, it does still feel that it goes beyond the outer plastic appearance. Depending on your home setup, you can either choose to have it on a stand or piece of furniture, or otherwise you can mount it to a wall (due to the two screw holes on the back).

In terms of turning it on, two led lights mark power and activity. However, a word of advice, if you have a pet which is usually curious about new items in your home, you should ensure that the Pawbo is placed out of reach.

On the rear side of the device you will also find a couple of buttons. Nothing too complicated, I promise! A power cord, a WPS and reset button are what make up the controls. If you’re wondering about the speaker device, that is also integrated in the back of the camera. The rest is up to the Pawbo App, which is an incredibly simple way of operating the device.

Ease of Setup

When purchasing any product, assembly and setup are two of the most dreaded thoughts. Good news is, with the Pawbo, you won’t have this problem, as setup is easy as pie. All you need to do is to plug the product into the wall and download its connecting app. Once that process is done with, the application will slowly guide through the additional steps, and then it will automatically connect. This last step should take around 15 seconds. You will then need to set up a password, and voilà, you’re ready to go!

Nonetheless, if you have encountered a problem check out Pawbo’s installation support page for more information including video walkthroughs.

Voice Quality

Both owners and pets can easily feel each other’s absence, and sometimes it’s hard to bear. One feature that Pawbo offers is the ability to talk to your pet, no matter where you are in the world. All you need to do is go into the Pawbo app, click the microphone option, and then your voice will be heard through the speaker. Additionally, you can either lower or increase the volume, depending on your preferences.

Video Quality

The 720p front-facing camera features a 110 degree ultra-wide-angle view, which is incredible if your pets are extremely active and tend to move around faster than you can turn your head. Although the resolution is not as impressive as other products or security cameras, it still does the trick. Additionally, video recordings and pictures can be saved or shared directly from your app.

As with any product, there is always a drawback. The no-night vision option means that cat owners may have a hard time keeping track of their four legged friend during night time. If this is not a deal breaker for you, then you could always leave a night light on, and this will surely increase the visibility.

Treat Dispenser

If your pet could speak, it would probably get excited about this feature. Fully controlled by the app, the Pawbo is able to dispense treats. Also read Petzi treat cam review. You obviously need to be mindful of how many treats you’re trying to fit into each section, as otherwise they could get stuck. Nonetheless, this is a great way to reward and comfort your pet when you’re away.

Laser Game

We all know that pets love chasing things. Cats in particular are fascinated by the laser game offered by Pawbo. You can even manually control the laser from the app to play with your pets, or otherwise you can set it on auto.

Smartphone App

As mentioned earlier, the setup is easy. You can also instantly share videos and pictures through the app. Bear in mind though, your patience may be put to the test from time to time, and that’s because it sometimes takes longer to connect to Wi-Fi.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • 110 degree ultra-wide-angle view
  • Video recording capability
  • Easy setup
  • Laser pointer game available
  • Works with iOs and Android
  • 720p stunning live streaming
  • Treat dispenser
  • Social Sharing option available directly from the app
  • Allows owners to monitor their pets
  • Affordable yet elegant and stylish

To sum up, the Pawbo Pet cam has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. Its modern and sleek design impresses in terms of appearance, while the features are both interactive and comforting. In a few words, if the goal is to be able to interact with your pet while you’re away, than the Pawbo Pet Camera should be one of your top choices. Check out Pawbo’s price right here!

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