Pet Feedster Cat Feeder Review

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

The Pet Feedster Cat Feeder is specially designed for pet owners who are unable to supervise their pets’ mealtimes at all times. So if that sounds like you, then read on to find more about it. I also talk more about different cat feeders here – check this out!

Pet Feedster Cat Feeder Review

The feeder can be programmed to dispense a set amount of your pet’s meal on a schedule, so that your pet can reliably have their meals on the right time, and you won’t have to be woken up at an unholy hour or go home from work just to feed them. The reserve food is hidden and cannot be accessed by your cat until it’s meal time, so you won’t have to worry about overfeeding. The feeder works on electricity from an outlet, but also has back up batteries in case your pet accidentally unplugs it or in case your power is out.

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Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Features

  • You can check if a meal has been given by checking the digital timer
  • You can also pause the schedule that you have set, and you don’t have to reprogram the feeder to do so
  • Dispense any amount of kibble from 1 teaspoon to 6 cups per serving
  • The adjustable flex feeder keeps the feeder jam proof when you increase the serving size for up to 6 cups of kibble
  • The food is also ant and other insect-proof as it is securely hidden from view and a water tray at the bottom helps keep insects away
  • Has a backup battery system to ensure that the product works even when the power is out



    • Adjustable flex feeder makes sure that the kibble does not get jammed during meal times
    • Programmable meal schedule is retained even when the power is cut off, as long as the backup batteries are working
    • You can determine just how much food is given per feeding
    • Keeps ants and other insects from getting into your pet’s food
    • Digital timer lets your know when a meal has been served
    • Easy to assemble
    • Bowl can easily be removed for washing
    • Can handle a full range of kibble sizes from 1/8” to ¾”, shapes, and types


  • Not for outdoor use
  • Pricey and does not work well enough for the price
  • Flex feeder gets unscrewed
  • Internal clock loses minutes every so often
  • Works unreliably and breaks down after a few months of use
  • If your pet is really motivated to get the food, they can do so and at their own risk: through pulling on the electrical cord to get to the food storage basin

Best Suited For?

This product is for you if for some reason you are unable to feed your pet throughout the day. It is also particularly helpful for older pet owners who have difficulties in mobilization, so all it would take for them is to set up the feeder and it will feed their pets accordingly. If your pet is on a strict diet and needs a controlled amount of food at every meal time, then this product could help you keep their diet in check.


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