Petchatz Review – Does This Pet Camera Work?

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

When we came home to a mess a while ago (thanks to our cheeky animals!), we decided to get a pet camera to keep an eye on them. I have to say I was pretty impressed when I started looking and realized there are so many cool ones these days that can even dispense treats or, as this Petchatz Review will tell you, even scents to calm your pet!

An Introduction to the Petchatz Brand

Petchatz creates engaging cameras that can help you be there by engaging all of your dog’s senses. These cameras include two-way audio along with a virtual treat dispenser, calming scents, and games. The treats are healthy for both dogs and cats, your dog will relax when they see you, and they’ll be able to hear your voice. This type of interaction makes you and your pet feel like you’re right at home while giving you the peace of mind you need.

Petchatz’s focus is on security and safety, using high-quality materials and a great shape that’ll be sturdy enough to withstand your pet even if they try and paw at it to find out where you are. It can even be used as a regular camera on silent mode just to keep an eye on things when you’re not at home.

Petchatz Review: The HD Pet Camera

This camera lets you be with your pet from anywhere. If you’re missing them terribly or you’re away on a longer trip, just connect through your computer, tablet, or smartphone to see them. I admit I do love checking in during my lunch breaks at work or even if we’re away on a short trip over the weekend.

You can even install the optional PawCall near the Petchatz so your pet can actually call you. Not to mention the fact that the entire device is chew resistant, so when you plug it into an outlet and connect it with wifi, your rowdy pup can’t easily break or damage it.


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I’ve already discussed all the wonderful things about the Petchatz camera, but let’s go more in depth. You already know that you can be there from anywhere with all five senses, but you can also get it to dispense all natural and healthy treats.

Just set it in an outlet near your pet’s food or water and they’ll be able to interact with it throughout the day. An easy set-up like this makes your life so much easier- just open it, screw in the back panel, put it in the wall, and turn it on. And yes, they can actually see you! I know my cat hears my voice when I speak with her, but actually seeing you will do wonders for your lonely pet at home.


Video Quality

I’m sure you’re wondering how great the quality actually is on this camera. Most normal cameras honestly aren’t that good in general, but the quality here is as good as or better than other cameras currently out there. The two-way HD function makes it just like your computer!

Treat Dispenser

This treat dispenser isn’t quite the same as other pet cams out there. Most other cameras have them stuck into a specific compartment, but the Petchatz is designed to hold them upside down so your dog has easier access. You can even use your own treats instead of Petchatz treats as long as they’re small, so any diet issues your dog has are solved.

Calming Scents

Talk about a unique feature! It’s not easy to find a camera that dispenses scent, although when I bought it, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how important it would be. As long as my dog could hear me and see me, why the smell too? It does create a calming experience though, and if you trained with scents, it works even better!

Smartphone App

Sadly if you have an Android you’re out of luck for now, but any IOS device can have the free app installed. You can even put it up on your laptop! Just log in and get started. In maybe five minutes, you’ll have video up and running. Sound might be a problem, but in that case, turning down the volume in the settings should fix things right up.


  • Two-way camera that lets your pet see you
  • No power chords or sharp corners to chew
  • People who work long hours love the fact that they can see their pet and dispense treats
  • Customer service is great
  • Cats can train to this device as well


  • Sometimes, there is a bit of a lag or wait getting the camera onto the server
  • The screen is fairly small although the video quality is indeed impressive
  • People sometimes say that the scent doesn’t necessarily do anything but hey, I’d take an extra function any day
  • The power cord is a little shorter than I’d like

General Customer Reviews

For the most part, people couldn’t get enough of the Petchatz camera. Cherie said that her pets came running right away when she called, as soon as they heard her voice! She loved the treat function and joked that her coworkers really got a kick out of it too. As someone who works long hours, it was a lifesaver. On top of the great features, people comment about the wonderful customer service. When there’s an issue with connection or set up, people are able to get it fixed right away. The service is so great that there’s barely anyone who posted anything negative!

Keeping that in mind, the main issue has been with the internet connection and set-up. It’s not necessarily an easy process, and if you’re technologically challenged like me, you’ll definitely need to call for help. Julie mentioned how she couldn’t quite figure it out, so set up took a while, but customer service responded right away. Other than that, the only issue is the screen size. If you want a bigger screen, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


It’s really tough to say anything negative about the Petchatz because of how much people love it. The two-way camera and audio lets you keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home, and gives your dog comfort when they’re alone for a while. With this simple device, you both will have peace of mind until you get home to see each other again.

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