Petkit Pura X Automatic Cat Litter Box Review: How Does It Stack Up Against Litter Robot

petkit pura x
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Are you exhausted by the hassle of having to constantly deal with your cat’s litter box? The Petkit Pura X Automatic Litter Box has been released recently and could be the answer you’re looking for. This cutting-edge litter box boasts sophisticated mechanisms that not only self-cleans but also eliminate unpleasant smells. However, the question remains: does it meet all expectations for automatic litter boxes? Let’s explore more in this comprehensive evaluation of the Petkit Pura X Automatic Litter Box.

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What About Petkit Pura X VS Litter Robot 3?

As the owner of a very handy Litter-Robot 3 for a few years now (and now, the new Litter-Robot 4), I can say that I’m a big fan of it. Obviously, when Petkit Pura X was released, I was keen to try them out and compare the differences. After all, there were many good things said about Petkit Pura X.

To read more about my comparison, as a cat owner, read this article. Overall, the Litter-Robot self-cleaning litter box does have a larger capacity and works very well with multiple cats (even 4 cats). Of course, it is more costly. The Petkit Pura X also works great and comes at a more affordable price. But bear in mind if you have multiple cats, it may not be the best option.

Petkit Pura X Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

If you’re used to the Litter-Robot’s spherical design (which can take up a lot of space), you’ll be a bit surprised with this one. The Petkit Pura X is certainly more compact and has a more rectangular design. It uses a conveyor belt system to scoop waste, pushing it into a waste bin. Overall, it’s very compact and even adorable. Petkit Pura X looks minimalist and streamlined. If you lack space, this is a good option but just remember that the waste drawer is not as big as Litter Robot 3 or Litter Robot 4.

Smart Features

Petkit Pura X also comes with an app like Litter-Robot. The app is decent and gives enough information about each time your cat uses it along with information about your cat’s weight. As a side note, you have to calibrate the internal scale before you use it for the first time. Do this when there’s nothing in the unit. After you set it up, you need to download the Petkit app and sign in. When you download the Petkit app, you can also adjust the frequency of the cycles or time frame, with options for a 5-minute or 10-minute cleaning cycle. You’ll get real-time notifications and updates too.

It does come with a social media feature but I’m honestly not really sure how helpful it is. I don’t use it at all and don’t find it necessary. It’s just not something I need or look for with a litter box.

What I really like is that the Pura X features a built-in air purifying system that helps eliminate odors and keep the litter box area smelling fresh. After your cat uses it, the cat waste gets scooped into the waste collection bin, leaving behind only clean litter. The Petkit Pura X litter box also comes with many sensors for smart detection, accident protection system and even remote alerts. These are also sensors that detect your cat’s weight.

Noise Level

There’s definitely some noise here, that’s for sure. But it’s generally quieter than Litter-Robot 3. Overall, it does operate quietly, which is great if you have a jittery cat that’s always a bit scared and nervous.

Also, the motorized conveyor belt system and waste bin are located in a separate compartment from the litter tray, which helps reduce noise levels during operation. In addition, the Pura X even has a built-in noise reduction device that further minimizes sound.

Ease of Cleaning

You won’t find it hard to disassemble the parts for cleaning. The Petkit Pura X is made to be easy to clean, with just a few quick steps to keep up with its maintenance.

To start cleaning the litter box, simply empty the waste bin. All you have to do is remove it from the back of the robot. Then, take out the litter tray and rinse with water or wipe it down. As a bonus, this tray is odor and bacteria-resistant so you won’t find it too hard to clean.

The Pura X  self-cleaning cat litter box also features a built-in cleaning cycle that automatically removes waste from the litter tray, which further reduces the need for manual cleaning. The conveyor belt system is designed to minimize the need for scooping and reduce litter tracking, making the litter box more hygienic and easier to maintain.

However, just be aware that if your cat does a wet one or has diarrhea, you might see some streaks down the sides of the inner wall. But you won’t find it too difficult to wipe off.

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Odor Removal and Control

Odor control isn’t a problem for the Petkit Pura X. It effectively controls odors and kept my home fresh. This is thanks to one of its main features, the built-in air purifying system, which helps to eliminate unpleasant smells and improve air quality in the litter box area.

The covered waste bin also helps to contain waste and prevent odors from escaping. Also, the automatic cleaning cycle helps to keep the litter tray clean and hygienic, reducing the buildup of waste and associated odors. As an added bonus, even the litter tray is made from a durable and odor-resistant material, which further helps to prevent the buildup of unpleasant smells.

It also features a deodorizing liquid to help to reduce the amount of cat poop smell emitted. It’s designed to spray a bit automatically after your cat is done.


Priced at $599, this great automatic cat litter box is not the cheapest but also, not the most expensive. I would say it’s worth it for all its smart features and great design. To me, it’s not that far off the price of Litter Robot which is why I prefer Litter Robot for its additional features.

Final Verdict

My cats took to the Petkit Pura X pretty quickly. I guess because they’re used to Litter-Robot. I did try to ease them in slowly. However, Litter Robot is bigger so I think my cats liked it more. But Pura X didn’t trail far behind. I really like its minimalistic design and small footprint.

When it comes to automatic litter boxes, both Petkit Pura X and Litter-Robot are great automated self-cleaning cat litter boxes. If you’re really torn between the two, you just have to consider what dimensions you require for your home. Although the Petkit Pura X isn’t without flaws, it is among the best and top-selling models in the industry market today.

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