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(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

While deciding between the Petree self-cleaning litter box or the Litter Robot, there are some differences to take into consideration to choose the best self-cleaning litter box that works for your situation. Keep reading as we pit them both against each other.

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Petree vs. Litter-Robot: Basic Features

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While both self-cleaning litter boxes clean themselves and save you the trouble of having to clean out your cat’s litter box after they use it, both come with other features that help make them better at their job as self-cleaning litter boxes as well as make them more convenient for you.

The main secondary feature that comes with the Petree box is odor control. While it is efficient in odor control, the Petree box does not block out all odors that may come from the box. The Litter Robot, however, has many more features.

The Litter Robot includes an odor control feature that is very efficient. It also includes an 8-hour sleep mode and an automatic night light. Both of these features make the Litter Robot a great self-cleaning litter box to use at night.

How Many Cats Can Use Each Litter Box?

The Petree self-cleaning litter box can accommodate up to 4 cats that are at least 3 months of age. While the box can accommodate up to 4 cats, you must keep in mind that you will need to clean the waste drawer more often depending on the number of cats you have. It is also important to note that the Petree self-cleaning litter box is good for cats that are no more than 44 lbs.

The Litter Robot can also accommodate up to 4 cats. Similar to the Petree self-cleaning litter box, you will need to clean the waste drawer more depending on the number of cats who use the litter box. While the Petree box has a max weight limit of 44 lbs, the Litter Robot has a max weight limit of 25 lbs.

Their Safety Features

Both boxes also come with safety features that help to ensure that your cat is safe when using them. One safety feature both boxes have is a sensor that detects when your cat is in the litter box, which ensures that the box is not cleaning itself while your cat is inside. These sensors also stop the cleaning cycle if your cat jumps in when the cleaning cycle is going.

Both boxes also ensure that the wires that help to run the self-cleaning litter boxes are kept where your cat cannot chew on or damage them.

Litter Needed For Each Box

Each box has a specific type of cat litter that is needed in order for the litter boxes to work correctly.

The Petree litter box works with a maximum of 8.8 pounds of regular clumping litter. This box can also be used with plant-based litter. The litter box will not work with non-clumping or loose-clumping litter.

The Litter Robot works with 8 to 10 pounds of clumping litter. The Litter Robot will work with any type of clumping litter, so you do not need a specific brand of litter in order for the Litter Robot to work as long as it is clumping litter. The manufacturers of the Litter Robot recommend, however, that you should use clay-based clumping litter that is high-quality and of standard weight.

Their Prices

The biggest difference between the Litter Robot and the Petree litter box is their prices. The Litter Robot can be bought at a price of $499, while the Petree litter box can be bought at a price of $379. This leaves a difference in the price of $120 between the two litter boxes.

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While the price difference may sway your opinion to choose the Petree litter box over the Litter Robot, it is important to note that the extra features are needed to be taken into consideration when purchasing one of the litter boxes.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference and needs. If you don’t want to spend too much, Petree automatic cat toilet is the go. You’ll still get decent features and a great self-cleaning litter box.

If you do have the budget for it, the Litter-Robot definitely gives you more features. It’s also best for larger cats and you’ll enjoy using the app. For me, the app is the main game changer since I can get so much information about the litter box. I can find out how regularly my cat uses it and more. With the app, I can also pick up very quickly whenever there’s a behavior change with my cat or any potential medical symptoms. I’ll have a bunch of data to show my vet too, instead of just saying a vague “I think there’s something wrong with my cat”!

In this way, I see the Litter-Robot as a worthy investment that goes beyond just a self-cleaning litter box. It extends to my cat’s health as well and helps me in monitoring my cat! Check price here and get $50 off

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