Petsafe Simply Clean Review Automatic Litter Box Reviews

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

While we all love our pets, there are plenty of responsibilities that come with having pets that make you question whether it is worth it. If you are a cat owner, you know scooping the cat litter is one of those kinds of chores that nobody enjoys doing. Read more about the best automatic litterbox

The Petsafe Simply Clean cat litter box claims to provide a solution to this common problem. This brand is a self-cleaning litter box that reduces odor and simplifies your task of cleaning your cat’s litter.

About This Product

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The Petsafe Simply Clean is a litter box that cleans itself automatically. As long as you use clumping cat litter, the machine does the rest of the work. All that is left for you to do is discard the bags every day. It is perfect for those who forget or are too busy to empty their cat’s litter, hate the smell, or are just plain disgusted by the chore.

This litter box conveniently allows you to use any bags you would like, unlike other machines that force you to use a specific brand of bag. Additionally, it can be easily cleaned just by disposing the filled bags.


– Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 10 inches
– Weight: 12.5 pounds
– Reduces odors and eliminates bacteria from your cat’s litter
– Easy to assemble, clean and to use
– Conveyer belt system that automatically scoops your cat’s litter, reducing your responsibilities and effort needed
– Quietly runs in the background unnoticed
– Intended for indoor use
– Can be used by multiple cats that are at least six months old and up to 12-15 pounds in weight
– Cleans litter continuously in hourly rotations
– Comes with a 6-foot cord plug that plugs into an AC power adapter

How it Works

To begin, you fill the bowl up to the fill line with clumping cat litter. Doing so will ensure that it will get picked up by the machine. The machine runs continuously 24 hours a day, on hour long rotations.

The Petsafe Simply Clean then sifts through the litter and picks up any clumps with a conveyer belt, moving it into a bag that you are able to leave in the machine. You eventually have to dispose of the bag and replace it, but otherwise, the machine does the rest of the job for you. Moreover, the litter will also need to be replaced from time to time.

Maintenance Tips

The number one tip would definitely be to make sure your litter is premium clumping cat litter. Otherwise, the machine will not be able to pick it up. Also, instead of just adding new litter when it gets low, it is advised that you clean out the litter in the box every month or two months, in order to make sure that everything is clean.

Though this machine is well-made, it is not exactly long-lived. A suggestion is to use an electronic timer so that it will not run 24 hours a day, which will save the machine, as well as your energy. If the machine ever does get squeaky, try a bit of oil and it should be back to normal.

kitty exploring petsafe



  • Pretty quiet in comparison to other similar machines
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Perfect for those who are busy, forgetful or hate the chore of cleaning the cat’s litter
  • Affordable when compared to similar models of different makes
  • Reduces odor and eliminates possible bacteria growth
  • Ensures a clean litter box by automatically cleaning every hour on a continuous rotation
  • Works with any bags


  • Not necessarily ideal for timid cats because though it is quiet, it takes some getting used to if they are used to a regular litter box
  • It goes through the cleaning cycles very slowly
  • Can occasionally spill litter, especially if you make the common mistake of miscalculating how much litter is needed
  • Does not come with a litter mat to protect from possible spills, which will cost you extra money
  • Cannot be fully taken apart or stored away easily
  • Will not last forever and when it eventually breaks down, can become squeaky and noisy
  • The product would save on energy if it only ran a few hours a day rather than all day long

The Petsafe Simply Clean automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is an excellent product that simplifies your responsibilities significantly. It runs continuously throughout the day, which saves you the hassle of ever having to scoop your cat’s litter again. It is a very innovative and affordable product that is extremely good compared to other competing models. Check out more details and check its current price here!

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