Petzi Review: Features, Pros, Cons

Being a busy working mom, I can't tell you how having a pet camera at home helps. It gives me peace of mind to keep an eye on my pets at home and what's even better is when the said pet camera also dispenses treats too! In this review, I'll tell you more about my experience.

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An Introduction to the Petzi Brand

The Petzi is made by an up and coming company, Petzila. Petzila got it’s start on kickstarter where they pitched the idea for Petzi. Their motto, which they live by, is “Making a happier world, one pet at a time.” Even though they only make the Petzi right now, they are waiting on a few patents to go through, What really stood out to me is that they are a new company, they are trying to get innovative technology available to the public. They also have very good customer service. On a majority of negative and somewhat negative reviews I have seen, someone from their customer service team has commented to help the customer out.

An Introduction to the Petzi HD Camera

The Petzi camera has a three to four second replay delay. It’s a wide angle camera so you can see more. It also has night vision capabilities. You can easily see your pet and even take screenshots of your pet.

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This product comes with quite a few cool features. Some of the features include: an interactive app, a wide angle camera with night vision, and a treat launcher. There is also high quality auto for your pet to hear your voice. When you log into the app to check on your pet, the Petzi will ding to get your pet’s attention. 

  • Controlled by app and conveniently wi-fi connected!
  • Easily check in with any smartphone or even your ipad/tablet
  • Night vision that is impressively clear
  • Wide-angle camera for better view
  • Audio is just as impressive, clear and of high quality
  • Treat dispenser that works with any knibble smaller than 1 inch
  • Lots of mounting options for you to install according to your preference
  • Check here for more features

Video Quality

Let me start off by stating that the video on the Petzi has a three to four second delay. You cannot save clips of video, but you can take screenshots if your pet does something especially cute while checking in on them. It is a HD camera, unlike the Petchatz. If it’s nighttime and you either leave a small light on or no light at all, you can activate the night vision to see your pet better.

Treat Dispenser

The treat dispenser on the Petzi is very easy to access and refill. All you have to do is take the cover off, and there is a hole on top to place treats into. It works best with dry dog treats that are less than an inch in size. Mini milk bones and dry dog food work best for the Petzi. It launches the treats at a decent distance.


Smartphone App

This app is very easy to use and has a lot of features. You start by creating a profile for your pet or pets, and then you can start checking in on them. You can also view other people’s pets or search pets by breed. From the app, you can speak to your pet through the speaker on the Petzi. You can also take screenshots and pop out treats. If you take a screenshot, you can post it on the Petzi app or easily share it to your other social media apps.


  • Cheaper than most of the other pet camera treat dispensers.
  • Easy to set it up and easy to use
  • Camera has night vision to see your pet easier in dark rooms
  • You can speak to your pet
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • App with a lot of features
  • Can take screenshots of your pet


  • Larger treats can get stuck
  • Dispenses multiple treats at once
  • Can only be used with the app
  • There is no motion alert notification, you won’t receive a notification if your pet walks by
  • Your pet can’t see you, only hear your voice
  • Video feed has a three to four second delay

When it comes to customers leaving reviews, they typically don’t hold back; whether it’s a positive or negative review. Looking at customer reviews is usually a good way to tell if a product is for you or not.

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General Customer Reviews

The general consensus is definitely a positive one. Most people mention that they are impressed and even think it's a really interesting and cool gadget, eagerly showing it off to their friends and family. I remember when we first set it up, we were so excited to see how it works too.

The customer service is also known to be good. Some people who experience minor issues usually have their queries and problems rectified quickly by the brand.


As long as you don’t mind that your pet can’t see a video feed of you, and that you can’t hear your pet, then the Petzi would be a good option. With it’s wide angle camera, you can check in on your pets whenever you’d like. Maybe one day in the future they will make a more updated version with more features.

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

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