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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Are you having trouble getting your puppy to stop doing the two “ps” in your apartment? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. A puppy apartment might be a good idea and super useful for your household. Here are some helpful tips to make your life easier and help you enjoy your new furry best friend.

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What is a puppy apartment?

If you’ve never heard of a puppy apartment before, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Until I researched how to potty train a puppy, I had never heard of one. A puppy apartment resembles a crate, it looks just like a normal wire crate, but it has two rooms, one room for sleeping and the other for going to the toilet.

Dogs don’t like to relieve themselves where they eat or sleep. The idea of the puppy apartment is that your puppy will learn to go there when they need to do their business. Just like any other product, there are positives and downfalls to a puppy apartment.

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Pros and Cons

Some things to add to the pro column of puppy apartments include: easier puppy potty training, successful potty training, more relaxed schedule of going out, and not limiting food and water. Purchasing a puppy apartment could make your potty training experience easier by not having to constantly watch your puppy. You also won’t have to gate them in one room, such as the kitchen or bathroom because of non carpeted floors.

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Most people will place their puppy in a room and gate it so that the puppy only stays in that room. I understand that this method makes for an easier clean up, but if I was a puppy, I doubt I’d like being in a room away from my new family. You can have successful potty training by sticking to a puppy apartment and a routine. If you use a puppy apartment, you wouldn’t have to take your puppy outside as much; I’d still take them outside fairly often. Most people limit how much food and water their puppy consumes so that the puppy doesn’t have too many accidents.

Some things to mark in the cons column include: laziness during training process, making the puppy confused, and difficulty of training. Potty training a new puppy can be difficult, I understand that. Although the puppy apartment can make it easier to do, it is not a quick fix.

Just because they can be in there with the door closed, forcing them to use the potty area, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go outside. Please do not just leave the puppy in there all day, although dogs like to be in comfortable, confined spaces, they only like it for short periods of time. Also, if you leave the puppy in there too often, once they come out of the apartment, they might just go anywhere.

Since they won’t be near where they eat and sleep, they’ll think it’s okay to do their business wherever they feel like. If your puppy does go to the toilet in your house, try to clean it as thoroughly and quickly as you can, if the smell stays, your puppy’s instincts will tell them to go there again.

This is not a simple method of potty training; it still requires time and dedication. (See puppy pee pads) Many ads will show a puppy just going into their apartment to go to the toilet but that only happens once your dog is in a routine and properly trained. If your puppy is a little bit older, and was put into a crate for long periods of time, they might be used to relieving themselves where they sleep.

How To Train Your Puppy

So, you went out and bought a puppy apartment, now what? Well, you’ll want to make sure your puppy feels comfortable in there. If you want, put one of their favorite toys in there, so it’ll have a familiar smell. Start out by putting your puppy in their new apartment, and closing both doors. If you close both doors, they’ll have no way out, which will hopefully result in them going to the toilet in the “bathroom” area.

Make sure you praise your puppy whenever they successfully go in their apartment. Try to take your puppy outside every hour or two, remember, they have tiny bladders. If they go outside,praise them every time, even if they pee twenty times in one walk.

If you like to give them treats, give your puppy treats as a reward as well. When your puppy is roaming around the house, leave apartment doors open so that they can easily access their bathroom. Even though this product is convenient, try not to leave the puppy in there for too long. Remember that routine and consistency is important no matter what method you choose to potty train your puppy.


Potty training a puppy can be as difficult and as frustrating as potty training a child. As long as you’re determined and dedicated to having your puppy stop making accidents, then a puppy apartment might be for you! With its multiple rooms and entrances, the puppy can easily access their bathroom whenever they need to. The added room also provides a comfort space for your puppy since they will be spending quite a bit of time in there during the training process.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a puppy apartment, you can make your own at home if you have a large wire crate. All you have to do is add a puppy pad, and try to keep another section separated for sleeping or eating. If you decide to create your own, just remember that there is only one way in or out for the puppy to go in, which might cause issues.

Whether you create an apartment, or buy one, remember to still take your puppy outside regularly. Good luck on your potty training adventure and enjoy your new furry best friend!

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