Pretty Litter Reviews: Cat Litter Review 2023 Update

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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

When you think of cat litter, you probably think of those little pellets that somehow end up everywhere. Well, that’s what I think about anyway, but cat litter has a lot of potential to be more than the grey, mundane pellets you’ve come to know.

Pretty Litter has tapped into this potential. This company is subscription-based, and excel in one thing: silica litter, and not just any cat litter. Pretty Litter is made from silica gel cat litter, which will change its color in reaction to the pH of your cat’s urine. This is meant to provide you insight into the health of your cat, especially their urinary tract.

This sounds exciting, but I was curious about how well it worked. A good litter should be low dust, have low tracking, and should provide odor control too. On top of that, you’ll want an affordable option and a bag that will last for an entire month.

But beyond all that, there’s one more important question: do cats like using this special litter? Is Pretty Litter Worth It? I had to know, which is why I bought some to give it a try.

Let’s take a look at Pretty Litter cat litter.

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Pretty Litter Cat Litter Company Information

Pretty Litter was initially created by Carly Martinetti, who has experienced something every cat owner has dealt with: “litter depression.” Martinetti uses this term to describe that terrible feeling that accompanies changing the cat litter. In an interview on Seat 42F, she says that “I was always just super depressed changing their litter.” Most cat owners can relate to her desire to use a brighter and less depressing cat litter box.

This led to Martinetti’s cat litter vision. In 2015, she was one of the top 3 contestants in the ABC Family reality show Startup U. She met chemists, marketers, and entrepreneurs who helped her turn the Pretty Litter vision into a reality. Martinetti went on to co-found the company with Daniel Rotman, who is the company’s current CEO.

Now, Pretty Litter stands out as a bright and more appealing alternative to the traditional clay litter. It’s convenient since you don’t need to scoop much litter and it uses super absorbent silica gel beads litter in addition to the subscription model and the colorful health problems monitoring.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Pros and Cons

Let’s quickly check out the pros and cons of Pretty Litter:


  • Environmentally friendly and doesn’t release harmful particles
  • Excellent odor control
  • Super absorbent
  • Unique feature that monitors your cat’s health and pH levels in its urine
  • 80% more lightweight than other brands
  • Less dust and moisture
  • Convenient monthly subscription
  • 30-day guarantee to try it out!


  • A little more costly but given the extra features, it’s worth it
  • Non-clumping

How It Works

So, how does this litter work? Well, your cat should notice no difference: they step in the box, use it, and step out. The actual litter will change color to monitor your cat’s health, though. The litter is part of a subscription model as well, which means that you don’t need to run to the store nearly as often and you only need less.

The silica gel crystals work to absorb moisture and odor in seconds. It won’t get smelly even if you don’t scoop the feces or the pee for an entire month. All you have to do remove the solid waste and stir the litter each day to encourage full absorption when your cat uses the box.

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When the litter can’t absorb any more, it will become saturated. Just like a paper towel that can’t soak up more liquid, the crystal litter will stop soaking up urine. This is when you’ll notice some liquid pooling in the box and should replace your crystal old litter.

Cool Color Technology

The litter is full of tiny pH detectors that serve as a health monitoring feature. When you look, you’ll see the tiny orange flecks that, when wet, will make the litter to change its color. Depending on the pH levels of your cat’s urine, the color will range from orange to dark blue. Check the included card to understand your results, but I’ve got the details here too that lets you know about the cat’s medical issues.

Changing from Green to Blue 

If you see this color, that is a signal of an alkaline. This may indicate certain types of urinary tract infections.

Changing from Orange to Red 

On the other hand, you might notice more orangey coloring that’s a sign of acidity. This potentially signals metabolic acidosis and kidney tubular acidosis. Low urinary pH like this can contribute to other problems, too, like the development of calcium oxalate crystals. Red color is a sign of bladder inflammation or bladder stones.

This is a useful tool for seeing potential problems. But remember: Pretty Litter is not for a diagnosis or veterinary care! If an issue arises, take your cat to the vet. I can’t emphasize that enough.

You’ll see the pH of your litter without knowing whether your cat has a problem. A complete change in pH can also be due to diet changes, stress, and weather, or the litter might just go blue because it’s too saturated.

What is Pretty Litter made of?

It’s made of silica gel together with a unique formula. This gel is extremely absorbent and has indicators that tell you more about your cat’s health. For example, it changes according to the alkaline or acid levels of your cat’s urine, so you’d know if there’s any issues. In a nutshell, it’s totally different from the usual clay litter.

about pretty litter

My Pretty Litter Review – My Story in a Nutshell

Now you know the basics about legit Pretty Litter. But the real question is whether it works from the buying process onwards.

When you order, you’ll be asked online about how many cats you have in your home or whether you’re a multi-cat owner. This helps Pretty Litter select the right plan for your household. I happen to have two cats, so I was signed up for a once a month box with two four-pound bags of litter. This cost me $39.

It was shipped the next day, and I received it ten days later. Even receiving Pretty Litter in the mail was much different than picking up a box of clay litter. It was packed securely, with little change to break open or drop to the floor.

I’ll admit that I was a little suspicious, though. The box was only eight pounds, and it was supposed to have all the litter I needed a whole month?
But in addition to just the litter, you’ll notice a card in your order that explains how the litter works. It will have a ruler on it to help you get the right amount of litter depth that’s easier to scoop.

Pretty Litter

First Impressions Count

Pretty Litter certainly lives up to its name. It is pleasing to the eye and resembles salt that has been coarsely grounded. Pretty Litter takes on the appearance of yellow and orange specks mixing with an overall color of white. I came to learn that those “specks” were pH detectors that may cause the litter’s color to change.

Pretty Litter usually comes in a 4-pound bag, and the company that makes it claims that one bag of it is enough to fit an entire box and last for a month for one cat. As anyone would believe, that sounds like amazing news for many cat owners. However, this information turned out to be very misleading, especially for those having three cats or more.

One bag wasn’t adequate, and even 3 bags. I could not fill the litter box to two inches.

Pretty Litter says to load your box with 2″ of the litter. This way, you can get the best level of absorption out of their product while keeping the litter from becoming full before the end of the month. However, this does not account for the various sizes of boxes amongst pet owners. So one 4-pound bag will not fill ever the box.

Within 30 days of a subscription to Pretty Litter, they will be more than willing to send you more litter at no additional cost to you. Make sure you take advantage of that within the 30 days or you will have to upgrade your subscription after it is over. I decided to test the litter I already had in one box to see the result.

Following Weeks

Over time, Pretty Kitty Litter proved to be a valuable asset to my household. There was a heavy decrease in big clumps of litter to clean out of the litter box as opposed to other brands of litter. With Pretty Litter as my cat’s dependent area of waste, it certainly felt much cleaner than before when I’ve used other brands of litter, and it’s easy to clean.

Tracking Issues?

There was no visible sign of litter tracking anywhere in the house or on my cat’s paws with the use of Pretty Litter. Other regular litter products would have made a very apparent mess, and my cat would be struggling to get clumps of litter out of its paws. Pretty Litter, however, turned out to be a much cleaner alternative to the product I was using previously.

Odor control

Much to my surprise, Pretty Litter makes an excellent level of odor control when I first started using it. Fecal or urine odor was practically undetectable. That is just another one of the amazing perks that I received with this product.

The Dust Factor: Is it dusty?

Despite other users complaining that Pretty Liter was dusty, I did not seem to have an issue with it at all. Pretty Litter was practically dust-free, leaving less dust which is safe for pets with asthma and allergy. This product took much of the hassle and concerns about dust allergens off of my mind so I could focus on maintaining an exceptionally clean box with little dust.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter was off to a good start at the beginning, but over time I noticed that the litter turned more yellow the more it absorbed urine. I determined that it would only be a matter of time before the litter became too saturated to work efficiently, and it would cease to provide its fantastic level of odor control. It turns out that I was correct in that aspect as the odor control did diminish much faster than the level of absorption did. However, it is common for litter to turn yellow as it continues to absorb urine, so in hindsight, this is another thing that I expected to happen.

Ten days into using Pretty Litter, the smell of urine became more prominent to me when I was scooping and cleaning the litter box. It was not too noticeable to my cat or anyone that just happened to walk by the box, but it was noticeable to me and anyone else that had to clean it out. To say the least, it was not the most desirable smell in the world.

Health Monitoring Feature: Changing Colors?

After two weeks of using Pretty Litter and noticing green chunks near the very bottom of the litter box, I decided to do a simple pH test of my own to detect how the color of the litter would change based on what I put inside of it. Pretty Litter stated that the green coloring was normal and acted as a signal that the litter should be replaced. My test involved pouring vinegar, lye solution, and water into different bowls of litter to see how the litter would react.

The pH of white vinegar is about 2.5, water is about 7, and lye is about 13. The pH level of healthy cat urine places right between white vinegar and water at 6-6.5. My cat’s urine remained at a healthy level for the entire testing period.

It wasn’t difficult to cancel my subscription.

All I had to do was go to ‘manage subscription’ from my user account and cancel my subscription from there. It was as easy as a simple click, and it was canceled. They also have great customer support.

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Is Pretty Litter Safe?

Is Pretty Litter bad for cats? Rest assured that Pretty Litter is safe for cats, potentially more so than traditional clumping clay or bentonite clay granules. In clumping litter, there’s usually silica dust, but there aren’t the same gel crystals.

Without this amount of dust, the highly absorbent silica gel litter is less dangerous. It will not release any of carcinogenic or irritating particles.
You can use Pretty Litter for multiple cats and kitties. It won’t harm them since it doesn’t expand in the GI tract and has no harmful chemicals. Cats won’t get sick if they accidentally ingest some while they’re playing or grooming.

Is Pretty Litter Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable?

Is Pretty Litter environmentally friendly? Yes, it is. It doesn’t create as much dust or release harmful particles as other litter does. Also, it’s better for the environment and more eco friendly than options like bentonite clay litter. We wouldn’t say it’s the most environmentally friendly option in the market. After all, there are other even more natural options like corn or wheat. However, yes, it is quite environmentally friendly.

Can I Flush Pretty Litter?

No, don’t flush the litter. The litter absorbs your cat’s urine and dries, then you can reuse it. Scoop the solid cat waste and flush it but dispose of the litter in the bin when you empty your litter box.

Can You Use Pretty Litter in Litter Robot?

Yes, you can. Litter Robot (get $25 off Litter Robot!) needs clumping litter, and what better brand to use than Pretty Litter? It’s a great option and it doesn’t track outside as much as usual clumping clay litters. The beads are also tiny enough to sift through the screen. The con here is that you can’t really spot the color changes so you need to do a manual check every now and then.

Plant-based litter can also work but be aware that they usually create looser clumps that can create condensation in the drawer. Stay away from non-clumping litters or wood pellet litters when it comes to Litter Robot.

Pretty Litter Cost

How much is Pretty Litter? In a cat litter subscription, the Pretty Litter cost varies depending on how many bags you choose to buy at a time. For example, a single 4-pound bag a month will be $22, while two a month will be around $39. With a bundle package, you will likely get one bag for free along with the other bags you purchase.

Pretty Litter offers a variety of options and discounts for the number of bags you want to purchase, which is convenient if you need to buy a lot of bags at once. It provides free shipping fees for most states and some shipments to provinces, but not for all of them.

Is Pretty Litter Worth it?

environmentally friendly pros and cons

The answer is yes, it is worth it. You just have to get one bag which will last you a whole month. Additionally, you’ll find that the silica gel litter is so lightweight, absorbent and mess-free. The best part of it is that you will know if there are any pH changes to your cat’s urine and can pay attention to any health issues. You can then take your cat to the vet before any issues like urinary tract infections become more severe.

After all, it’s Risk-Free for 30 Days, so you can get a refund if you’re unhappy.

Does Pretty Litter Work? Final Verdict

Pretty Litter is an overall good choice for cat litter, in my opinion. It is convenient, comes with customizable options for litter purchase, and can detect any challenge in the pH balance of your cat’s urine to help you keep track of your cat’s health.

Despite the cost of Pretty Litter, you will still benefit from its level of convenience. You can get the most out of your subscription by choosing to buy more than one bag at a time. Hope my reviews on Pretty Litter has helped you make a decision!

Pretty Litter

Where to Purchase?

Pretty Litter is not available in any other retailer other than its official website. Luckily, you can still buy individual bags of Pretty Litter without having to sign up for a subscription.


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