These products and resources are ones that we have used for Harley and Lilo and recommend. Through the last few years with our pets, we have come across many different products and these are the ones that have really stood out from the crowd. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need to. I’ll be more than happy to answer. We also share where we personally shop for pet supplies.


Basic first aid techniques, what kind of over the counter medications to administer and which ones to avoid, how to treat injuries, how to find out what’s wrong with your pet and more. I love how informative this book is. Definitely a good one to have in the bookshelf. Check out more here

 My favorite dog training book. Learn tips to stop chewing, aggression, digging and learn clicker training basics. Have a look at this book here

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you’d know how devastating it can be. Especially if you have children in the family. I love this book for its wisdom and insights. Read more about it here

Where We Shop For Pet Products

RX, Flea & tick products, Prescription Food/Medications, Vitamins and supplements

These can form up a huge part of the cost when you have pets. I know we spend a deal on Harley and Lilo every month. We get the absolute best price here – it’s like our best secret that we share with all our friends/neighbours/family who have pets. my cat

You get a members-only wholesale price + free delivery to your doorstep. I can’t appreciate the convenience and the amazing savings enough. You also get 24/7 free vet access through email, chat or phone. I’m not even kidding when I say this service alone would be enough for me to sign up. You can pay only $5 a month or $50 a year – it is definitely worth the price especially if you have more than one pet (the savings you get at wholesale price can be really huge).

Click here to get members-only wholesale prices + free delivery + free 24/7 vet access


As a busy mom, I definitely love the convenience of online shopping. There’s nothing like Amazon too – a one stop shop for groceries, homeware, all sorts of necessities and yes, even pet supplies. I hope you’re not a little OCD like me because I do refresh and check here for daily Amazon flash deals.

Click here to see what’s on Amazon for flash deals today.

Harley’s New Favorite


 Lilo’s Treat