Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness Review: Sizing, Sale, Pros, Cons

ruffwear web master harness dog review
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

I have compiled the most popular dog harnesses here – but I’ll go into more detail with the Ruffwear Web Master today. This harness is the one I recommend the most as it provides the best value for money and is extremely durable while serving the purpose really well.

The Ruffwear Brand

Ruffwear is dedicated to equipping dogs for outdoor adventures with their humans. With their durable, safe, and comfortable creations, the Ruffwear brand makes it so much easier for adventurers to take their dogs with them to the great outdoors. Their team, or as they like to call it, their “pack”, is made up of individuals and canines who test the quality of their products and continually develop them in order to ensure that consumers like you and I only get the best for our outdoor trips with our dogs. They know that adventures are so much more fun with your dog’s company, and seek to create gear that would make that trip convenient.

The Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness

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This harness is available in different sizes, depending on your dog’s breed and size. Its multi-purpose functions include maneuvering and assisting dogs on outdoor terrains. It is designed to provide you and your dog comfort when you lift it with the use of the harness because it provides control and balanced lifting with the weight of your dog evenly disperse throughout the harness.

Apart from its different sizes, each harness has five points of adjustment which you can modify in order for the harness to fit your dog more comfortably and to still allow them with a full range of motion.

The harness has two points of attachment for a leash: a V-ring on top, and a webbing loop at the end of the handle. The points of attachment are secure and durable, and this harness is preferred by avalanche rescue dog teams.

It also has reflective trim to help you see your dog even in low-visibility and low-light environments. This harness can be used during hikes for scrambling and can be used to aid your dog’s mobility.

In short, the Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness has the following features:

  •         Available in different sizes
  •         Can be used for maneuvering, scrambling, and mobility assistance
  •         Five points of adjustment
  •         Two points of leash attachment
  •         Reflective trim

Why It’s So Popular:

  •         Multi-purpose functions
  •         Available in different sizes (XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large/X-Large)
  •         Can fit dogs with amputated legs
  •         Escape-proof: customizable adjustment makes sure that dogs cannot escape the harness
  •         Great for outdoor use like hikes
  •         Allows dog’s full range of motion
  •         Can be used for mobility issues
  •         Visible in low-light areas

Do Keep In Mind:

  •         Fabric where hook is attached tears easily due to the material
  •         Does not fit some dogs despite price chart: smallest size is too big for some small dogs and largest size is too small for larger dogs

ruffwear web master harness dog review

Most Suited For:

This product would work great for outdoor loving dogs. You can easily strap your dog into this harness and take them on a hiking adventure while knowing that you can easily assist them with lifts when needed. Not only is it convenient for you, it’s also comfortable for your pet as well. Your dog can go on a hike with you and stay secure within the harness’ adjustment and escape-proof design. Just make sure to avoid using this on strong pullers who can easily tear out the fabric where the leash hook is attached when they pull on the harness.

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