Scoopfree Automatic Litter Box: My Personal Review

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2022)

Cleaning my cat’s litter is definitely something I would prefer to cancel off my long to-do list if possible! Honestly, it’s one of my pet hates (plus I’m a little allergic as well). If you’re someone who loves your pet too much but cares a lot about the cleanliness of your house, too, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Besides my automatic litter box showdown post the other day, I thought I’d go into more detail in this post.

An Introduction to the brand

Scoopfree from the Petsafe brand is a revolutionary product that changes the way you feel about pet litter. Their motto is Protect, Teach, and Love. This augurs well for a brand that cares so deeply about pets and their owners by making revolutionary products.


Petsafe is the largest manufacturer of pet training product in the US. Not only do they specialize in making litter boxes, but also in other areas like wireless fences, bark collars, and batteries to name a few. With innovative research, and advanced designs, their products help you and your pet have the best moments together.

Armed with a super caring team of people, they work hard and nurture in a way where their products truly make a difference to everyone’s lives by acting as a solution to the most complex of the customers’ problems.

Talking about their range, these come with disposable trays that give your cat a box that’s always clean. This not only helps in odor control but also prevents bacterial infections and dust allergies.

The only self cleaning box that provides hands-off convenience and odor control, this is an innovative litter box that stays clean without the hassle. The litter tray is leak proof and guarantees a pleasant smell that will change the way you feel about your cat litter.

It is easy to use too. The disposable tray can be loaded in a minute. Once you load it, it can be left for weeks during which it self cleans, and then the tray can be disposed altogether. Isn’t this cool? Not only that, it’s also 5X more effective in reducing odors than a clay or clumping filter, and the crystals are 99% dust-free too.

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How It Works:

Now that, we know a bit about the product, let’s understand how this works. It can be loaded with the disposable litter tray pre-filled with crystal litter. Once that is done, the sensors detect when your cat uses the litter box and start the rake timer. This is when the crystals start absorbing moisture and dehydrate the solid waste, pushing it in a covered waste trap with locking away doors. The tray can then be disposed after a week for a hassle free experience.


  • The litter does not smell as the solid waste is dehydrated
  • This box does not have to be cleaned daily


  • The hood and the refill cartridges are sold separately
  • The raking sound from the box can sometimes be a little loud

Perfect For:

For those living out of smallish apartments and seeking a hassle free experience, the ScoopFree is a wonder. After all, it’s about your convenience too.

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Scoopfree Ultra

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This self cleans for weeks without the need for scooping, refilling or cleaning. This means that once the tray is placed, you could practically forget about it for a week or so. This beauty comes with a privacy hood that keeps the litter in the box, as well a built-in health counter that helps identify possible health problems your pawed friend may have.


  • The product saves cost, time and physical effort in the long run
  • Set up is very easy and convenient
  • The motor is very quiet


  • The trays get soaked through with urine and start smelling after a few days
  • Slightly more expensive

The ScoopFree Ultra is a definite go-to product if you have a cat that litters too much.

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Extra Tips For Using

While you’ve read and understood what it is largely all about, I’ll delve just a little deeper and help you with some handy tips that I found was great for using it.

  • A good litter box is like a good investment. You want to save money in the long run. This is why you’d be better off buying a “Forever Tray” and blue crystals that come in packs of 8.8 lbs. The crystals are easily available in most grocery stores
  • It is big, so ensure you have enough room while disposing of it
  • For cats that kick, you can try the Ultra version. Your cat can get its nails scratched or chipped in the original version. For larger cats, however, the hood doesn’t work.
  • Buying a cat mat will help your house from being tracked with litter and protect your cat paws from stepping on the crystal pieces too
  • If you have a large number of cats that urinate in the same spot every single day, try raking or stirring the litter every couple of days
  • The most important tip is to place baking soda in the waste compartment. This helps in maximizing odor control and keeps your litter box smell free.
  • For more features and information, read here


The ScoopFree is one of the most brilliant systems designed that rids you of the daily chores of scooping litter, cleaning the trays, etc. However, for maximum benefit, do pay attention to the advice mentioned across various websites.

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