Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Review

shark handheld cordless vacuum for pets
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2021)

Wireless vacuums are great for cleaning hard to reach surfaces and corners in your home or vehicle. Using a vac with a cord can be hard if the cord isn’t long enough to reach the areas that you need to clean. The wireless operation of these vacuums means that it operates on a powerful rechargeable battery, which provides strong suction power that could possibly exceed vacuums of similar power.

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About Shark Perfect II

shark perfect

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The SHARK II Handheld Vacuums are good versatile, cordless vacuums products that are perfect for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. That means that your upholstery, carpet and stair cleaning needs are taken care of with the help of these good vacuums. It comes with a rubberized handgrip for easier handling, operates on a rechargeable batt, and comes with a Motorized Brush tool attachment to help you clean up pet hair in your home, as well as a crevice brush to reach corners. Both the motorized brush and crevice brush tool are really helpful.

Because of its good product size, it’s easy to use and can also be stored on the wall mount. It’s not as lightweight as other small vacuums, but it makes up for this difference with its suction power and good motorized brush tool. Apart from carpeted and upholstered surfaces, these vacuums with motorized brush tool also operate wonderfully on bare floors.

Moreover, it has easy to remove and washable filters that can then be reused, while it doesn’t use bags for storing the vacuumed items. That means that you won’t have to worry about buying replacement bags at all.

The batteries of this vac need an initial charge period of 24 hours before the run time performance and then 16 hours on the succeeding charges for optimal operation and battery life. The vacuum’s charge station also comes with storage for its attachments like the motorized brush tool.

While it has strong points that make it versatile handheld vacuums, there are several points of concern when owning this great vacuum. For instance, the length of its operation time does not seem to be consistent with its run time performance and charge time. While the batt needs to be charged for at least 16 hours, the vacuums only operate for about 15 minutes before it needs to be charged again. For this reason, this vac is best used for spot cleaning purposes only.

Replacement batteries are also available should the battery it comes with fail. However, the cost is a bit controversial as it costs nearly as much or more than getting a replacement unit for the vacuums.

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These vacuums operate on an 18 Volt cadmium batt run time that is charged through the included charge station. There are three attachments included in its packaging like the motorized brush, all of which have their own strengths for cleaning different surfaces in your home. It’s ideal for carpeted, upholstered, and bare hard floors with the help of its motorized brush run time.

For carpeted surfaces, the motorized brush tool attachment is the best to use, particularly for small and fine debris like pet hair. For larger debris and dirt, the motorized brush tool can better pick them up with motorized brush tool larger opening. When using on bare hard floors, vacuums are best used with either one of the given attachments aside from the motorized brush tool, or none at all as the suction power is strong enough.

• 35% more suction power than similar vacuums

• Effective for cleaning pet hair off your home’s surfaces

• Washable filter that can be easily detached

• Bagless dust cup means no spending on replacements

• Charging station can be mounted on the wall

• Storage for 3 attachments

• Rubberized grip for easy handling


• Wireless operation means that you are easily able to maneuver it into corners and hard to reach spaces in your home

• Strong suction that can effectively clean bare surfaces even without attachments

• Has an LED charging indicator

• Deluxe charging stand is wall-mountable

• Can clean pet hair

• Can be used to clean the inside of vehicles, as well

shark handheld cordless vacuum for pets


• Only operates for a short period of time (around 15 minutes)

• Operation time does not compensate for long charging time (16 hours)

• It isn’t very durable and generally does not last very long

• Replacement battery costs nearly as much as a brand-new unit itself

• Attachments don’t come with a locking mechanism unlike other vacuums, so they need to be securely attached before usage

• Most ideal for spot cleanings and cannot be used as a replacement for stick vacuums


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Is the Shark Pet Perfect II Right for You?

Although these are excellent handheld vacuums, it can be difficult to know solely from reviews online if the product is right for you. To determine if any vacuums are right for you, it is essential to consider your unique situation, needs, and home, and keep certain factors in mind.

Cleaning Requirements

Likely the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a vac is your personal cleaning requirements, specifically your cleaning routine, your family, and your home’s size, and design.

Cleaning Routine

These are cordless vacuums, which means while it is extremely easy to maneuver since there is no need to avoid a wire or stay near a plug, it does need to be charged. To reach a full battery, this needs to charge for 16 hours, and once fully charged, the vacuum’s run time performance is only around 15 minutes. What this means is that these vacuums really only intended for once-a-day small cleanups that would take less than 15 minutes run time performance. If you are searching for vacuums for cleaning your whole home, this is very likely not going to be your best bet run time. Instead, consider the handheld SHARK Pet Perfect II as an add-on vacuum, you can function to quickly and efficiently spot clean, for example, it would be ideal for vacuuming fur off a chair or couch before having someone over.

Your personal cleaning routine would also impact the necessary maintenance and overall longevity of the vacuums. Its filter will need to likely be changed out twice a year, though this greatly depends on how often you use your vacuums. The other necessary maintenance that comes with this is replacing the battery. Though the lithium-ion batt would only need to be replaced after long-term usage, the cost of a new battery is just about the same price as a new one, which is not ideal for those who function their vacuums often and will run down their battery quickly.


When considering your cleaning requirements, it is crucial to consider your personal home and it’s unique cleaning requirements, key factors being your home’s size, design, and flooring. It does an great job at cleaning hard floor, or any type of bare, non-carpeted floors. The motorized brush tool will suck up small debris with ease and with the added crevice tool you can get the hard-to-reach debris that gets caught within baseboards.

Though it can be hard to find a vac that is intended for cleaning different types of floor, it also does just as excellent of a job cleaning carpets as hardwood. The motorized brush tool is great for cleaning fine debris out of low-pile or high-pile carpeting. Although the low run time means you will not be able to clean all of your floors in one go, it is a great choice for those who are looking for a vac to cleaning a singular carpet or an inconvenient-to-vacuums staircase in their home.


The final cleaning requirement to keep in mind when choosing vacuums is your family and their needs, specifically if you have messy young kids or pet who shed pet hair. This is really the category where these vacuums shine. If you have kids, messes are common, however, pulling a large-format vac is not really convenient and using a broom and dust cup is a pain. Its cordless design makes it extremely convenient to pull out for quick spot clean-ups and everyday messes same with pet hair that often go with young kids. As its name would suggest, the SHARK II hand vacuum is specifically designed for cleaning pet hair. This shark handheld vac product is a great option to quickly but thoroughly cleaning up pet fur on a piece of furniture especially if you have a pet.

Overall, this is not made for someone looking for vacuums for solo to clean their whole home with unless you live in a smaller home or apartment that can be cleaned in less than 15 mins. Instead, it is meant for those looking for a great, easy to use, convenient to pull out, but still efficient and thorough vacuums for everyday pet hair and messes and spot cleaning. This good handheld vac works well on carpets and non-carpeted floors. Though it struggles a bit with larger items, it’s good in cleaning efficiently on small, fine debris and pet hair.


The great SHARK II Handheld Vac product is a good powerful handheld vac that has versatile functions both in and outside your home. It’s an ideal vac for spot cleaning with its strong suction power and cordless operation. However, it does come with weak points, particularly related to battery life and overall good durability.

If you would like more customer reviews or compare and review this cleaner against other handheld or upright models we recommend, head over to our guide of recommended pet hair vacuums!

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