Shark Rocket Truepet Ultra-Light HV322 Review

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2020)

The Shark Rocket Truepet is manufactured by a company named Shark and it basically an improved version of Dyson DC series vacuums. It is a corded vacuum and lightweight at only 8 pounds. According to Shark, this vacuum is highly proficient for deep cleaning carpets, and many consumers have established that it will indeed be more efficient than a DC40.

It’s one of the latest models we have reviewed, so we will soon be deciding if it is able to knock off any of the competing vacuums for a place in our best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal.

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While it is good that the Shark Rocket will not run out of energy because it has a corded power source, the cord itself can still present an inconvenience. Despite that, it is still sold at a comparatively better price than a Dyson vacuum at a price just under $230. Let’s take a moment to examine the different functions and capabilities that the Shark Rocket has and how it can benefit you. 

Features in a nutshell

  • Comes with a crevice and brush tool
  • TruePet Motorized brush included with the product
  • Designed with 10 LED headlights on the floor base
  • Has a 32-foot power cord for a longer range
  • Has an effective “never loses suction” capability
  • Suction and microfiber towels are used to clean bare floor
  • 2 washable foam filters 

Understanding the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322

shark rocket

The Shark Rocket will look quite similar to a Dyson DC44 but it is designed with a different color and a bigger size. The HV321 and the HV322 are the two options you can choose from, but the HV322 comes included with a small motorized brush that is effective for cleaning pet hair out of different surfaces.

One of the most prominent concerns for the Shark Rocket is that it has a tiny dirt cup. It is not difficult at all to clean the dirt cup out, but you will want to take caution at how messy of a job cleaning it out can be.

Great Lighting Features

The LED headlights located at the main cleaning head of the vacuum are a unique feature of the Shark Rocket. This feature is not typically found on other products at an affordable price that the Shark Rocket is available for. The LED headlights will increase visibility and help you see and clean underneath furniture.

Attachments and accessories

The 5 attachments and accessories of a Shark Rocket include a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a 12” crevice tool, an extension wand and a TruePet motorized brush.

Improved and easier swivel steering

The main cleaning head of the Shark Rocket is capable of advanced swivel steering. This feature will help you effectively maneuver it around furniture and other obstacles with a minimal amount of effort. 

Lack of HEPA filtration

The Shark Rocket does not include any form of HEPA filtration, so it will be best to find another product that does have one if you frequently suffer from allergies. A crevice and brush tool is included with this vacuum for the purpose of above foot cleaning, and a hard floor genie that will help you clean more efficiently. An added bonus is that you will not have to spend another $100 to have this functionality with the Shark Rocket as you would have to do for the Dyson Hard.

Filter Information

The two foam filters that you will have to be cleaned up can be reached by taking to motor cover off. They are stacked on top of one another and are pretty easy to access once the cover is off. Both filters need to be cleaned at least once a month to keep them in good shape.

Longer Cord length

The 32-foot long power cord will be useful when you need to have a bigger range for cleaning, but it does not have a cord rewind capability.

5-year Warranty

The Shark Rocket is included with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty in the case of a product malfunction or the need for sudden replacement.

How does it perform on bare floor?

The Shark Rocket comes included with two cleaning tools for the purpose of cleaning bare floors. The brush roll attached to the main floor attachment cannot be turned off on the vacuum, but it can be turned down to “1” so that you will be able to avoid damaging your hard floors. 

The floor genie relies on its incredible suction capabilities to clean dirt from hard surfaces. It does not include a motorized brush like the brush roll does. This will be an effective tool for getting to harder to reach areas and suck up all the dirt spread around those areas.

These two cleaning tools will allow you to clean dust and dirt from your hard floor surfaces with the capacity and maneuverability to make cleaning much less of a chore. The Shark Rocket also comes attached with a microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe down your hard floors. However, this cloth will need to be washed frequently since it can become dirty pretty quickly depending on how big of an area you are cleaning.

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Working on Upholstery

You’ll also get to try your hand at using the TruePet motorized brush, which is made specifically to work on your upholstery.

Just think of all the pet hair that gets stuck on your furniture. The motorized brush will lift all that up, but know that this brush will only be available with the HV322.

How does it perform on carpet?

Cleaning your carpets with the Shark Rocket will involve putting the cleaning setting on “2” or higher. This way, you can get down into your carpet for an effective deep clean with the beater bar. It has proven to work sufficiently on many types of carpet and area rugs.

The difference between the Shark Rocket and a Dyson vacuum is that the Shark Rocket will not be able to swivel a full 90 degrees like a Dyson is capable of. This may make maneuverability a bit of a problem. The Shark Rocket is capable of swivel steering at a 45-degree angle.

Effective Pet Hair Removal

You can use that motorized brush on your upholstery, or even on places that are generally hard to lean like your stairs. Either the brush or the main floor tool will work wonders if you’re looking for deeper cleaning.

You can also check out the upholstery tool, which includes fabric strips on both sides to pick up the hair on any fabric you have around your home.

General Opinion

It’s no wonder that there are tons of positive reviews on Amazon, since the Truepet is exceptional when it comes to cleaning out your carpet of all the hair deeply embedded inside. I was amazed at how well it worked myself when I used it on my carpeting.

According to reviews, the vacuum itself also picks up lots of dirt and dust, including pet hair. That’s why this vacuum has been the preferred pet owners’ option.

Stacking Up Against the Dyson

But the real question is whether the TruePet really stands up to a brand like Dyson Animal. Some customers had this question themselves and compared this with Dyson’s DC59. There were definitely people who preferred the cheaper Dyson, and who liked the fact that the battery wouldn’t run out.

The Dyson also outperforms other options you have available to you in terms of cleaning performance. The main problem is that the dirt cup is pretty small and fills up much too quickly.

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Issues to Take Note of

Okay, the clip is definitely a nice addition. It keeps all your tools available and at the ready. The only problem is that the quality doesn’t quite match up to the rest of the vacuum, not to mention that it’s not as convenient as it should be.

You won’t be able to remove tools with just one hand while you’re in the vacuuming zone. Honestly, the clip tends to fall off a bit easier too and will not stand on its own because the motor is too heavy.

That doesn’t mean the vacuum itself is too heavy or hard to use; on the contrary, the vacuum is quite light. But you will need to remove the motor from the want and attach it to a holder on the bottom part of the wand before you store it.

You also have a long cord with the TruePet. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and customers don’t actually seem to mind much. Even though you’ll need to remove the motor first before dislodging the cord, if this isn’t much of a problem for you, you should be fine.

Bin Size

People talk about the small bin in the TruePet too. There are times when you’re vacuuming that the bin will fill up so quickly that you don’t even notice that it’s already full. Especially if you’re cleaning a large area, you’ll need to make frequent trips to the garbage bin to keep emptying it out.

Then again, this may not be a huge problem if you live in a smaller place. But if you have a few pets, expect to get a lot of hair that needs emptying.

Hard floor tool opinions

It’s great that this vacuum has an attachment just for your hard flooring. A few consumers have even given some tips in using them, like only going forward instead of back and forth. This will ensure that you don’t have a streak.

Thankfully, maintenance on the hard floor tool and the vacuum itself is easy. You just need to reach into your vacuum and clean out the two filters about once a month. Make sure to cut off any hair that gets onto the motorized brush too.

If you have a lot of pets, this will be the ideal vacuum for you. If not, you might prefer the HV321 which doesn’t have the mini motorized tool but will save you around $30.

Bissell vs Shark Vacuum

Where can I buy this?

Check out Amazon to pick up your Truepet. If you join prime, you can get it in only two days.

For that extra peace of mind, think about getting one of the extended warranties from Amazon. These will last for up to three years, but of course, this is optional.


  • Has the capability to deep clean carpets and has a strong level of suction
  • Lightweight at under 8 pounds
  • Designed for swivel steering
  • Dirt bin is easy to empty and clean
  • Bright LED lights
  • 32-foot power cord
  • Very versatile 
  • Designed to clean up all forms of pet hair 


  • No form of HEPA filtration
  • Plastic tube is not as long lasting as the Dyson’s aluminum tube
  • The 32-foot cord may get in the way
  • Cannot stand up all on its own
  • Has a comparatively smaller dirt cup
  • Has a high noise level from a high pitched whistling sound
  • Cannot remove the attachments with one hand
  • Plastic materials make it appear flimsy
  • Not as good at swiveling as a Dyson DC44 or DC59

To wrap up

This corded vacuum is a great option for people who want a vacuum that packs the same punch as an upright vacuum, but which isn’t the same size. This means that it weighs less and is much easier to use overall. Although it is top-heavy and might be hard to use as a handheld if you’re a little weaker. It’s not feather light; it’s much bigger than the Dyson V8 for instance. 

Keep in mind that since the dirt cup is smaller, you’ll have to empty it more often. You might think this is a pain, but a lot of people don’t seem to mind so much. Really, it comes down to your personal preference.

Also, don’t expect this Shark vacuum to replace an upright. It’s advertised as one, but it has that small dirt cup and cannot stand on its own. This indeed means that you’ll have to disassemble it before you store it.

That being said, cleaning performance is top-notch even with the plastic parts that make up the vacuum. The plastic main tube may indeed break if you’re not careful with it. 

You’ll love the LED headlight on it though, which can be used both on the floor and on the handheld tool. Vacuum at night if you want, or just use your vacuum to reach those places you can’t normally see.

Overall, this vacuum is a great option. Check out the TruePet if you want to handle the pet hair, or if you want a Dyson DC59 or a Dyson Hard but can’t quite afford it. Until next time, happy vacuuming!!

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