Simple Guard 3: What You Need To Know

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Dogs are a man’s best friend. It is undeniable how pets contribute to the happiness and enjoyment of a family or even just a person. They become constant companions and the reprieve of people who come home tired from work or school. So it is only important that our dogs receive the best kind of care for them.

We do not want them to be sick and instead want them to be comfortable in our homes. One cause of irritation and diseases among pets are parasites such as fleas and ticks. Good thing there’s a product like Vethical SimpleGuard 3, a fast acting solution to parasite problems.

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What is it?

Guard 3 is a vectoricide that kills parasites such as fleas, ticks, and lice that might infect your dog. It is a fast acting vectoricide that kills and repels parasites in contact. Because of this, parasites that infect your dog no longer need to bite in order for SG3 to take effect.

Aside from killing live parasites, SG3 also prevents larvae, pupae, and other premature fleas from further developing. Within 2 hours of application, it immediately works in killing adult fleas and can protect your dogs for up to one month. You can also use it on puppies at least 7 weeks old.

How To Apply It

SimpleGuard 3 features a unique, patented applicator that makes it incredibly easy to use and easy to apply. It has an elongated and rounded tip for easier application on the dog’s skin and to minimize abrasions. Its one piece applicator gets rid of the need for scissors to remove or cut open anything and reduces the risks of a choking hazard.

The unique applicator, which has been clinically tested, also allows you to easily apply the correct dosage. Dog owners, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians love it because of its ease of use and efficient product application.

It is important to remember that the Vethical SimpleGuard was made to be used only on dogs. Do not use it on cats and other pets. To use it, start by holding the tube upright and away from the face. Under the large disk, put your thumb and forefinger around the applicator tip. With the other hand, hold the stem of the of the applicator tip located above the small disk then press down until both disks meet and pierce the seal.

To apply on your dog, you can use the tip of the applicator to part dog hair at the base of its tail and then continue to apply the product to the center and then up to the shoulders until the tube is empty.

Repeat the process every month and not more than once every 30 days.

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Is It Normal For My Dog To Start Itching?

If you ever see your dog itching or start to itch, do not be alarmed as this can happen when applied. It quickly spreads all over the dog’s skin to protect every nook and cranny from parasite infection. When the product moves over the skin rapidly it can result in your dog feeling itchy.

When your dog starts to itch, try distracting your pet by playing a game with it until the product is completely dry. Only a small number of dogs who use SG3 experience itching and the experience and sensation of itching usually goes away after the first application. Thus dog owners are assured that it can be used on their pets again in the future.

What is Repellency?

The Vethical SimpleGuard 3 has different effects on different types of parasites. Against flies and mosquitos, the repellent effect of it results in these parasites to hover and fly away when they detect the product on the dog’s skin.

Against ticks and fleas, these parasites will still land on the dog’s skin but will choose to fly away once they detect it. After leaving your dog’s skin, the parasites will die after coming into contact with the product.

But I Still See Fleas!

In the event that you do see fleas, ticks, or other parasites on your dog’s hair after applying, do not panic. This only means that your dog has fleas and the product is working and is actually repelling these parasites away from your dog.

By repelling them away from the dog’s skin, these parasites will not be able to bite into your dog and cause irritation or diseases that can be harmful to your dog. As mentioned before, fleas and ticks still land on the dog’s hair but will be repelled away when they come into contact with the product.

However, if you still see fleas or ticks even after a few times of application, you might already be experiencing an environmental infestation. In this case, fleas and ticks can be found all over your home and will take months of use or the services of a professional exterminator. Make sure to also treat other pets you might have with the proper products against parasites to prevent another development of infestation.

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Is It Ok If My Pet’s Coat/Hair Looks A Bit Oily?

Once the product has completely dried on the dog’s skin and hair, you might notice a slight sheen on its hair. This is caused by the different ingredients in the product such as a bioadhesive that allows it to spread rapidly all over the dog’s skin. To get rid of this wet or oily look on your pet’s fur, simply brush across the fur until it disappears.


In the end, our pets are like family. We want the best for them. No pesky fleas or ticks on their fur that might cause irritation and diseases. If you see a parasite on your dog and your concerned its always best to consult your veterinarian immediately to prevent further infestation. Flea Treatments

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  • Susan M Myers says:

    This is the first year and first month that we are using the Simple Guard 3. My dog has already had a tick drop off him in a blood sac. I don’t see an expiration date on the box or the medicine. How do you know it this is expired? So far not impressed with it.

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