So Phresh Cat Litter Reviews – Best Ones To Try

So Phresh Cat Litter Reviews
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Finding a reliable cat litter brand that is comfortable for your cat and free of odor can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, So Phresh Cat Litter has a wide variety of different kitty litters. You’re bound to find one that perfectly matches your preferences as well as your cat’s.

When you find the best cat litter, it can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve written reviews of the various So Phresh cat litter top products for your review.

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3 of the Best So Phresh Cat Litter 2023

  1. SO PHRESH Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter
  2. SO PHRESH Extreme Clumping Unscented Grass Seed Cat Litter
  3. SO PHRESH Scoopable Odor-Lock Clumping Micro Crystal Cat Litter in Pink Silica

Overview of So Phresh Cat Litter Brand

Let’s first look into the brand’s history and story. So Phresh Cat Litter was created by the company Petco, which sells a wide variety of their own Petco brand pet accessories, including toys, food, and Petco cat litter. The brand itself is called Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. and it’s known as one of the largest pet retailer companies in America, as Petco brand has more than 1,500 pet store locations spread throughout the country.

You can find So Phresh brand either on Amazon or find in one of Petco brand stores. Even though So Phresh was introduced to customers recently, it’s already known as a widely popular product. So Phresh Cat Litter gives you several options between traditional and alternative cat litters. Many cat parents love these designed products due to its impressive top odor control. It’s also preferred over others because it’s not as expensive as most kitty litters.

Types of Litters So Phresh Has Available

If you have a particular type of litter that you prefer over others, or if you’re a first-time cat owner and aren’t sure what type you’d rather use, you’re in luck. So Phresh brand offers several related types of traditional and alternative litter that you can experiment with to see which one you and your furry friend enjoy most. The different types of litter So Phresh have available include:

Biodegradable Litter

If you’re looking for litter that’s good for the environment, biodegradable litter. This eco-friendly litter is designed from plant-based materials like recycled paper, pine, beet pulp, or grass. The different types of selections to pick from include:

  • Crumble paper litter- This Phresh cat litter is made out of paper, so the pellets are soft and not as dense or harsh as regular litter. To keep the odor more controlled, this litter has baking soda mixed inside as an ingredient.
  • Grass seed litter- You can use this cat litter if you’d prefer one with grass seed as the main ingredient. Grass seed clumping is to better catch your kitten’s waste. You can purchase a fragrance to make this cat litter smell a little more delightful, or you can choose a scent-free option.
  • Paper pellet cat litter- Similar to the crumble paper litter, this option also has baking soda inside to keep odors from flooding your clean home. You’re also able to purchase a scented or unscented version of these pellets. If you prefer larger pellets to more easily catch and scoop, this could be a better option to pursue.

Keep reading and we’ll talk about some So Phresh Grass Seed reviews down below.

Silica Gel Litter

This silica cat litter is made entirely of crystals, which can effectively control your cat’s odors and absorb moisture. Available silica gel cat litter options they provide are:

  • Odor Lock Clumping- You can use this odor lock clumping option if you prefer crystal cat litter that’s micro sized. This way, the silica litter clumping balls are easy for you to quickly scoop out as you empty the litter box. These silica are available in a wide variety of colors, like pink, clear, turquoise, or blue good to look inside the box.
  • Odor Lock Standard- This silica clumping litter has advanced odor control, as it works to rid your house of your kitty’s foul smell when they go to the bathroom.

Clay Litter

If you prefer to stick with the classic traditional cat litter, you can check out So Phresh clay litter products. These are more affordable than others and are impressive at ridding your house of any foul smells your cat produces. Traditional So Phresh clay litter choices include:

  • Dual Odor Guard- If you live in a home with multi cat, this could be the best option for you. The dual odor guard works extra hard to fight off the unappealing scent that your cats create, as it has artificial fragrances to combat that funky natural kitty waste smell.
  • Lightweight Odor Control- For those who are tired of lugging large tubs of heavy kitty litter around, this litter weighs less than many others, making it easy to transport also the box to and from the store. It is a fragrance free cat litter that doesn’t include any additional fragrances but still does a great job of masking foul smell. They also clumps easily for an easy scoop experience.
  • Advanced Odor Control Scoopable- This litter option is similar to the other two, as it includes additives to cover up the odor, even though it’s fragrance free cat litter. It’s easy clumping will meet your scoop needs.

3 So Phresh Cat Litter Reviews

Now that we’ve provided a brief overview of what So Phresh Cat Litter is and what it’s like as a brand, let’s get into specifics and reviews some of their different litters.

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter 


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This kitty litter is not only great for the environment, but it’s also an affordable option for you as well. The ingredients in So Phresh odor control paper pellet cat litter consist of 95% post-consumer paper that also contains other ingredients that control odors, without emitting any toxins that could harm your cat. So Phresh odor control paper pellet cat litter is biodegradable and absorbs moisture well enough to trap odor in without sticking to the bottom of the litter box, which makes it easier to change.

Since So Phresh odor control paper pellet is a type of litter is shaped like pellets, a special scooper is needed to easily grab the pellets when emptying your litter box. Luckily, this scooper is available at many pet stores and is as easy to find as most traditional scoopers. Since this litter made of paper, it doesn’t have clumping like other products do.

These are specifically to control odor and don’t include any artificial scents that could hurt your cats or pile onto the odor scent, causing an even worse scent. Instead, the odor is simply covered up naturally using the key ingredient: baking soda.

These pellets are a very beneficial option for people with kitties who suffer from breathing troubles because they are dust free, making the air more clear for your cats to safely inhale. Since the pellets are larger and less sticky, your cats will have a fairly difficult time tracking it, giving you less stray pellets to clean up the dust after.

So Phresh Odor Lock Crystal Litter

So Phresh Odor Lock Crystal Litter 

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So Phresh Odor Lock Crystal cat litter is one of the newer litter types available, but it’s grown drastically in popularity. Many cat parents have found that this littler works best in automatic litter boxes as it’s easy and lightweight to move. You can also use So Phresh Odor Lock Crystal cat litter easily in lightweight regular litter boxes.

The Odor Lock Crystal Cat Litter product is non-toxic and safe for your cats to nibble on if they try to eat it. This Odor Lock Crystal Cat litter has impressive absorption, so it quickly covers up any gross odors, although it doesn’t have clumping so, it can be difficult to scoop, which is why it’s commonly used in automatic litter boxes.

As your cats use So Phresh Crystal Cat Litter, they may hear a large crackling sound that may stun them first, which is the sound the litters makes as it absorbs their urine. Since these crystals are so absorbent, the litters will even absorb some of the liquid in your cat’s feces and urine, which can dry it out and ease your scoop process.

This So Phresh Crystal does an impressive job of trapping in feces odors, but the urine odors can start to creep up after a week, unless you stir the litter every few days to help the urine move throughout the crystals more easily. Since the crystals are so little, it’s harder for them to latch onto your cat’s feet, so they will not be tracking as badly as other litters often do.

So Phresh Odor-Lock Scoopable Clumping Micro Crystal Cat Litter

If you’re searching for scoopable crystal cat litter that is an odor lock clumping, look no further. This brand’s litter made of crystals that is easy clumping, simplifying the scoop and clean process. It’s consists of silica crystal gels that are ultra-fine and lightweight to easily absorb liquid and odors each time your cats do their business. As the liquid is absorbed, the litters will form into clumps that you can easily remove with a regular scooper.

This So Phresh Odor Lock Clumping is also perfect for pet owners who are tired of lugging around a heavy bag of kitty litter. It’s so lightweight because of how fine the crystals are. For kitties who don’t like the feeling of crystals, this is the best lightweight option for them. Though they’re crystals, they’re texture and size resemble clay, making it easier for cats to adjust to a crystal clumping litters if they’re regularly used to clay.

These crystals do release a little bit of dust, but not a significant amount, so you’re cat shouldn’t experience severe breathing problems from it. Since the crystals absorb the liquid so quickly, it expands into clumps and keeps the liquid from leaking into the bottom of the litter box. Because it absorbs so well, this litter is an excellent option for those who live in a multi cat home.

So Phresh Extreme Clumping Unscented Grass Seed Litter

For the cat parents who would are interested in the biodegradable options, but want an alternative to paper pellets, check out this litter comes from grass seed. These are an excellent choice for people who want ecological litter that also have clumping for easy scooping. This litter absorbs the moisture pretty quickly to create thick lumps that lets scooping less of a hassle.

The fact that this litter comes from grass seed is also an added bonus, as you can both keep your cats safe with its all-natural ingredients as well as reduce pets’ carbon footprint. Since it contains all-natural ingredients, you also don’t have to stress about your cats taste-testing a few of the pieces. Getting rid of these litters after the cats has used it is such a breeze, as you have many options for what to do with this biodegradable product. You can compost it or even bury it to plant flowers.

Even though this litter is incredibly absorbent, by the time you scoop it up, it’ll form liquid-free clumps, as it dries out super quickly. This allows you to scoop up the waste without worrying about accidentally grabbing clean litter, which keeps you from wasting any litter pieces.

It also lasts an impressively long time, as one cat can go through a 20-pound bag in approximately one month, which saves you many trips to the pet store. If your kitties have sensitive or dainty paws, you don’t have to worry, as this litter is softer than most.

So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Clay Litter

Even though it’s the traditional type of litter that’s been around for ages, many don’t favor it over others, which is why alternative options like pellets and crystals are more often used by pet parents. Luckily, So Phresh has clay litter that’s still a better choice for cats and their owners. Advanced Odor Control Litter contains baking soda, similar to So Phresh other products. This helps cover up the smell. Clay litter is also usually great at clumping, so you’ll be able to more easily scoop up the extra stinky presents your cat will leave you.

This litter brand should also last you about a week before you need to change it out, as long as you make sure to scoop out the clumping regularly. Clay litter is also almost always the preferred litter of choice for most cats, as it’s similar to what most cats use in nature. Another nice thing about this litter and most clay litters in general is how affordable it is, so you can easily purchase this bag in bulk without making a large dent in your wallet.

The catch to being able to buy so much litter at an affordable price is that the bag contain a large amount of litter, which can make it heavier to carry around than other litters. Since there’s so much in one bag though, you won’t have to make as many trips back to the store, especially since this litter would last you a better portion of time.

Unfortunately, clay litter is designed and known to leave some micro particles in your cat’s tracking. Luckily, these micro particles are heavier than most, so it shouldn’t track all over the house. You should be able to find these litter particles all in one place to easily sweep them right up in the bathroom.

So Phresh Cat Litter Brand

Here are some key features that stand out about the So Phresh brand:

Safety and Artificial Ingredients

A strong benefit of So Phresh Cat Litter is that its litters don’t contain harsh chemicals and only some include artificial fragrances and coloring. One of the ingredients many of the litters include is baking soda, which is fairly mild and unlikely to harm your furry friend. If your cat is still known to sample their litter, consider purchasing natural products so their taste test doesn’t make them feel very sick.

You should also stay away from clay litter, as it often turns into dust fairly easily if crushed, which can be harmful to kitties with breathing issues. If you know your cat struggles with asthma or breathing conditions, consider the biodegradable option instead so they won’t suffer on the litter box.

Absorbency and Clumping

Another strong positive about this cat litter is how absorbent it is. You’ll still experience incredibly absorbent cat litter in all the available types, with the biodegradable pellets absorbing the most liquid. Though they absorb well, the clumping isn’t quite as impressive as other litters.

So, this can sometimes make scoop difficult as most sticky clumps would fall apart as soon as the litter was picked up. This can make it difficult to capture as much of your cat’s waste as you need, which makes the scooping process rather time-consuming.


If the environment is important to you, purchasing eco-friendly kitty litter could be a top priority. Luckily, So Phresh Cat Litter offers a few environmentally safe litter options, like the grass seed. These are biodegradable and don’t need to be processed as much as other litters do. Two other amazing So Phresh litters to try are wood and paper pellets, as they’re biodegradable as well, so they don’t harm the environment.

These Phresh cat litter options can easily be flushed down the toilet if you pour them in little smaller amounts. They can also easily be included into composts as another great option to keeping the earth safe and cared for. Going the traditional route and throwing them in the trash is still doable and causes no harm, as it easily degrades as soon as it hits the landfill.

Try to steer clear of the clay or silica crystals, as these aren’t designed to be biodegradable. Because of this, they’re known to clog landfills and won’t decompose. Luckily, you won’t feel as much shame using the silica gel litter, since it’s more durable and can handle large amounts of waste before it needs to be changed. So, you won’t use as much of it as you would other litters.

Odor Trapping

Perhaps one of the most important features of little kitty litter is how well it traps odors in so you, your family, and house guests don’t feel overwhelmed by the foul smell. Luckily, most of So Phresh top products are designed to do a great job of locking these odors in using ingredients like baking soda to keep the odor from escaping. Some of them come unscented while still trapping the smell in, while others include fragrances to add an extra pleasant smell to the waste your little guy or gal releases.

Cat Comfort

Now that we’ve discussed the aspects of the cat litter that will bring you joy, let’s talk about how it benefits your cat. Some kitties don’t react well to new litters and may not like how new cat litter options like pellets feel on their bottoms. Many of So Phresh options are comfortable and enjoyable for most cats to use.

There are some furry friends who enjoy the clay or silica option better than the wood pellets. It’s best to experiment with different litter options to see which your cat enjoys the most. Luckily, So Phresh Cat Litter gives you plenty of different litter types to choose from.

Choosing the Best So Phresh Product for You and Your Cat

The amazing thing about So Phresh Cat Litter is they offer such a wide variety of products for cats of all sizes, ages, and preferences. As you pick a product, try to experiment with different litter types before committing to one. See how your cat reacts to the different particles and determine which ones trap the odor effectively and leave your house smelling fresh, rather than stinky.

The best type of So Phresh litter will typically vary according to your own needs and the needs of your cat. Whichever litter you choose, you’re bound to be satisfied with any of these impressive So Phresh products.

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