10 Best Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats: Waterproof and Washable!

We all know that having a pet is just like having a child. However, one thing we might ironically neglect for our pets is a comfortable place of rest. It does make sense when you think about it.

I know my daughter gets grumpy when she does not have a good night’s sleep! I was so surprised recently when Harley’s dog bed was a little old and I started looking at the different types available. There are the simple ones, the self heating ones, even luxury pet beds that have been getting more popular these days.

Often, pet owners do not know how to choose the right kind that suits the health conditions and comfort of the pet. There are certain things to consider before you choose the best cat or dog beds.

Best Pet Bed Comparison Table

BedGreat For:Check It Out:My Rating
pooch resting on cushionLarge DogsCheck Latest Price Here3.7
gale pacificLarge DogsCheck Latest Price Here3.8
blue bedLarge DogsCheck Latest Price Here4.5
grey knittedLarge DogsCheck Latest Price Here4.8
k&h roundLarge Cats Check Latest Price Here4.5
cat house bedLarge CatsCheck Latest Price Here4.8
red roundLarge Cats. Self Warming.Check Latest Price Here3.9
green bedSmall Dogs or CatsCheck Latest Price Here4.0
outdoor useOutdoor use.Check Latest Price Here4.3

How To Choose A Comfortable Pet Bed?

Given that dogs and cats can spend as much as 14 hours each day in sweet slumber, having a good bed that supports good posture and comfort is a necessity. Many people allow their pets to sleep on their sofas or beds, not knowing that that will cause other problems.

Your pets need some privacy and sleep too or relaxation is a good time when they definitely would not want your interference or would not like to be disturbed by you. Give them the right kind of bed and place it where they love to sleep the most. Your pets would just love it and they would be ever thankful to you.

1. How big is the bed?

Measure the size of your pet and also check its weight, in order to decide. Preferably, the size should be considerably larger than the size of your pet and make sure it is well poised to withstand the weight of your pet.

2. What does your pet do?

Check where your pet rests most of the time. That generally would be the ideal location to place it. Keep that in mind and choose a pet bed that can fit the place. You also need to observe its sleeping style.

Check whether your dog prefers to curl up in a cosy ball. Or maybe sprawling out is its style. You need to closely observe your dog’s preferences while sleeping and monitor its sleeping pattern.

3. Does your pet suffer from any ailment?

Keep the medical condition of your pet in mind before you choose. Age also needs to be taken into consideration. Buy one that has a filling that is highly dense if your pet has back trouble.

Buy one that is designed to protect ailing joints. There are orthopedic dog or cat beds that provide the much-required support to aged or ailing joints. These beds are made up of medically recommended foam or box springs.

4. What’s the type of bed that you’re looking at?

Choose one of high quality material. Animal movements are very rough and tough. It should withstand rough usage. Make sure it’s safe and durable.

5. Buying a waterproof bed

Try to buy a waterproof pet bed – you will thank me for this! A waterproof pet bed does not absorb any urine and drool of your dog or cat and helps in preventing bad odor.

6. Can be used all through the year

It would be advisable to get one which can be used in all seasons, round the year. It should be able to keep your dog or cat comfortable and maintain the required temperature at any given point of time.

7. Easy does it

It should be easy to maintain and should be easily washable.  It is also very essential to consider your dog or cat’s behavior too. For pets that are chewers, it is essential to keep in mind that the stuffing should not be loose.

If your cat or dog accidentally consumes the loose stuffing, it can cause indigestion or choking.

There is such a great variety of pet beds for dogs and cats, in both large and small sizes, on the market today. There are even some really cute dog beds available if that’s your style. Here’s a look at the 10 beds for your pets:

Best Large Dog Beds

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed

green dog bed with puppy
This dog bed has a handy self-warming function that all dogs love (well, mine does!). One of the best large dog beds available, you get to choose from 24″ x 30″ or 32″ x 40″. Its bottom is rough to produce friction and does not slip around on the ground – great for dogs who are active and like to move around a bit.

Its warming feature does not require electricity. Instead, it is made of self-warming material that can radiate heat back to your pet. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here


Pet Beds for Large DogsCoolaroo also has come up with elevated bed with knitted fabric. This elevated platform helps your pet dog to avoid direct contact with the cold surface of the ground. The fabric is carefully knitted to make it breathable and keep your dog comfortable. Another advantage is that it can keep mites and fleas away. It is also mildew resistant.

The large surface has dimensions of 43.5 by 31.5 inches. Maintenance is easy and you can just wash the surface using mild soap. It has a five year warranty against UV degradation. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here


Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed

Pet Beds for Large DogsSimple, stylish and trendy, this cozy pet bed just looks so inviting for your dog to dive into. Available in a whole range of sizes from 18 inches to 54 inches, I find this variety in size option very handy. Either use it as a stand alone bed in a comfy corner or place it inside a crate – both will work wonderfully. It is very portable so taking it along in your vehicle or dog carrier will not be a problem.

Made of ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin with a cushioned cotton base. It’s cool in summer and warm in winter for my dog. The bolsters are filled with polyester. This does not require any assembly and is easy to maintain. It can be washed easily in the washing machine too! In my opinion, this is the best bed for golden retrievers and labs. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here


Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed Deluxe Black Fur Pet Mat

Pet Beds for Large DogsMade with ultra soft synthetic fur, this dog bed is both luxurious and comfortable. Many owners with large dogs find this to be adequate. In fact, it’s recommended for dogs 41 to 70 pounds.

Choose from an array of sizes from 18 inches to 48 inches depending on the size of your dog. It’s also very convenient to wash. Simply chuck it in the washing machine. It also has a non-skid bottom so it doesn’t slip around. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here

Best Cat Beds


K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat BedThis unique round  luxury cat bed definitely reminds me of a japanese bamboo hot tub! Choose from 16″ or 20″ in a variety of cute prints from fish and mocha to more neutral, classic shades of grey/taupe hues. Its heater is low on power usage (only 4 watts) while its walls are made of soft, comfy foam. It also comes with a one year limited warranty. As for how warm it gets, it warms up to 10-15 degrees above the room temperature when not in use.

When your cat is laying in it though, it warms up to your cat’s normal body temperature. Talk about a smart heater! When you need to wash it, simply remove the heater and wash the cover. The need for it to be connected to power means it’s less convenient for traveling. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here



Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat

Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds for Cats and Small Dogs-Waterproof and Skid-Free BaseMade with soft velvet waterproof material, this cute cat bed is available in a few different designs – all in cute cave shapes. If your cat loves to snuggle, this will be the top option – you can’t complain about its ultra thick 100% polyfill which promises ultimate comfort.

Its non-skid base means it doesn’t slip around and it’s machine washable. I give it extra points for how cute it is. Definitely a talking points with any visitors. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here





Aspen Pet 80135 Self Warming Cat Bed

Aspen Pet 80135 Self Warming Cat BedAnother self-warming product that does not require electricity, this Aspen Pet 80135 Self Warming Cat Bed is designed just like ‘space blankets’. It uses self-warming materials that helps to reflect your cat’s own body heat. My cat loved the faux lamb-wool plush and corduroy fabrics that made it really soft and comfortable.

I wish the design was a little more stylish and trendy. But it does the job as a comfortable, warm bed. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here

Small Pet Beds

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet BedK&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed

If you have a small dog or cat and want a pet bed that can be easily washed and does not require electricity to warm up, this K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed is a good choice.

Made of self-warming material that radiates heat back to your pet, this is also environmental friendly (its fill is made from recycled plastic bottles). The bottom is non-skid and it even comes with a one year limited warranty. Check Latest Price & More Reviews Here

Midwest Quiet Time

Midwest Quiet Time Fashion Pet BedDefinitely one of my favorites. It is just as soft, comfortable and inviting as it looks. Made of plush fur or ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin, use this as a stand alone or inside your pet’s crate or house. You can use this in all seasons too; it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer!

Extra points for its stylish and trendy design that looks good in any house. There are also many sizes to choose from. Check Latest Price & More Reviews

Outdoor Pet Bed

K&H Lectro Soft Outdoor Bed

K&H Lectro Soft Outdoor BedK&H Lectro Soft Outdoor Bed has also come up with resting mats that are heated by using electricity. This bed uses approximately 20 watts of power and thermostatically controls the temperature. It normally stays up to 15 degrees more than the room temperature when your pet is not on the bed.

Perfect for use in outdoor areas like barns, sheds or even garages, this bed maintains a comfortable temperature at 102 degrees when your pet is lying on it. I find this to be the best heated cat bed. Check Latest Price Here


It’s been a tremendous 2000 words since we first started talking about the best dog beds and cat beds. I hope it has given you an insight on how many choices there are on the market and helped you understand more about what you are looking for. Whichever you decide to go with, your dog or cat will love you for putting so much heart and effort into finding the perfect one! Share with us your personal recommendations in the comments below.

How To Help Your Pet Sleep Better

So you’ve got a nice comfortable pet bed already. But your pet still can’t seem to sleep better. As much as we need a good amount of sleep, our pets also need to rest longer and better.

There are a few reasons why your pet is not resting soundly. You’ll have to find out what brings about the issues by experimenting. You might need to test if something effectively helps your pet rest better. Here are a few things you need to try to help your dog or cat get more relaxing sleep

1.Make sure the place is conducive for sleeping. Just like us, pets need a comfortable place for sleeping. Check to see if the temperature might be too warm or too cold for them. You might need to put a heating pad or a chilling pad if necessary. Make sure the temperature is just right. Also, check if there are noises around that may disrupt their sleep. Annoying lights might also make it hard for them to sleep. As much as possible, try to set up their place to accommodate a decent sleep.

2. Another trick is to get your pet tired so they can easily fall asleep. It’s also important that they get enough exercise and stimulation to make them tired by the day’s end. This is especially true for dogs. Though the need for exercise and stimulation varies and is based on the dog’s breed, size, age and health condition. Also establish a daily routine to prepare your pet for sleep time. Giving your dog a good walk, some water to drink and a good petting before bed will give them an idea that it’s time to sleep.

3. Try to also make sure your pet isn’t stressed. A stressed or an anxious pet cannot sleep well. Manage your family issues and your own stress as your pet dog and cat are very good at picking up stress in people.

4. Lastly, observe your pet’s physical condition. A pet that is having trouble falling asleep may be suffering from a condition you are not aware of. If you see any sign that your pet is in pain, then it’s time to visit a vet. An obvious decline in the pet’s energy level and desire for food is suggests medical attention. Your pet’s diet can also affect the quality of their sleep. Make sure they are well nourished. Feed your pets with the right amount of food and it’s highly important to choose the right kind of food for them.

Types of Dog Beds

Each type will have its own benefits and disadvantages; some will suit your dog more than others.

The Standard ‘Pillow’ – Often shaped like big, fluffy square pillows, these standard dog beds are very common. They usually resemble a big cushion with its own cover that you can take off and wash. Keep in mind though that these can be very easily destroyed if your dog loves to bite into it.

The Orthopedic Bed – If you have an older senior dog, you very likely need to get an orthopedic one. These beds are made specifically to support dogs better and to help ease any aches that your dog might have due to arthritis or old age. Of course, not only senior dogs can use these. If your younger dog requires more support and enjoys the comfort, get an orthopedic dog bed by all means. Some of these orthopedic beds also come with memory foam (it’s not always the case though). If you do get one with memory foam, be sure to check that it comes with a warranty to ensure its thickness over time.

The Couch – Ok, this is much like a human couch but for dogs! I remember buying certain dog beds for Harley but he still seemed to prefer our couch! We didn’t want his fur all over our couch so we got him a ‘dog’ couch. They’re usually sized smaller and sometimes, even look like little couches for kids.

The Crate – If you want to know more about crate training, read my post on some tips. There are ones you can purchase that fit right in your dog’s comfy crate. I actually like these kennel/crate beds because they’re a lot more durable and it’s great to be consistent in your dog’s crate training.

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