Tiki Cat Food Review: Is It Good?

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

While most of us are fine cutting corners here and there to make life easier, there’s no way we can compromise our cat’s diet! Cats need meat and water to be healthy, but when we’re standing in that cat food isle, the choice seems impossible. There are so many good brands, including Tiki cat food for your cat’s wet food needs. Read on for my tiki cat food review.

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An Introduction to the Tiki Brand

Tiki specializes in making high-quality wet food for your cat. Many owners actually avoid wet food because it’s too runny and made with less than fresh ingredients, but Tiki accounts for the cat’s natural diet when they make their cans.

Moisture is included in order to help your cat digest meats while maintaining a healthy digestive, kidney, and urinary tract, along with a healthy liver. Without some water, cats can get dehydrated, and some cats tend to avoid their water bowl like the plague!

Proteins give your cat a natural diet for energy and immune support without the abundance of unnecessary vegetation, unlike most of the canned foods on the shelf. It’s easy on digestion, perfect for cats that can’t have grains, and made with simple ingredients. Tiki is even manufactured in a human food factory, so you can bet it’s healthy and well-made.

Tiki Cat Food Review

It’s a little tough to turn down a brand that has “gourmet” even in the title! I know, you’re skeptical about how fresh it really is since it’s in a can. But this wet food is made with natural ingredients and is so fresh that it’s even certified for human consumption. This biologically appropriate food is perfect for your little predator too. Read my tiki cat reviews!

Tiki Gourmet Whole Food Range

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About This Product

This wet food is anything but the nasty, old chunks of meat that you think about when wet food comes to mind. It’s made specifically for a cat’s diet with meats and moisture, lacking grains and vegetables and containing only 1% carbohydrates. Tiki cooks their meats gently to help cats with a variety of medical issues, and with that superior taste, your cat will just keep coming back for more.



  • Good for many medical issues, including UTI, CRF, IBS, diabetes, and other conditions
  • They have very low starch and are grain free
  • They use USDA certified chicken- so you know it’s healthy!
  • There’s no BPA in cans



  • Might be a little more expensive (but you do get what you pay for)
  • Some flavors contains more amounts of seafood
  • Much of the food comes in large chunks, which some cats may not eat

Canidae and Goodlife


There are multiple flavors and types of Tiki cat foods out there that you can pick out for your feline friend, but the most popular seem to be Tuna on Rice with Prawns and the Chicken.

All the ingredients here are natural since the synthetic Vitamin K was gotten rid of. They’re grain-free, and in the seafood pack, contain ahi tuna, crab, sardine cutlets, lobster, mackerel, calamari, and rice. They’re all high-grade seafood and packed with fresh nutrients. These ingredients sound mouth-watering even to humans.

Customer Reviews

Customers overwhelmingly rate this cat food in the positive, with very few people finding anything wrong at all. Nothing’s perfect however, but let’s focus on what people love about it first.

One initially spoke of problems with feeding her kitties synthetic vitamins which were in the food, but she no longer finds any problem with the food at all since the company began really making it completely with natural nutrients. They even responded quickly and efficiently to her inquiries, which needless to say, is good for any company!

Many other owners find that their cats absolutely gobble up this food, saying that they lick the bowl clean. Cats love all this freshly cooked, never frozen food. It even smells delicious. A man rejoiced since this was the only food he could get his old cat to eat!

In terms of negatives, a common problem was the fact that there may be too much seafood in the tuna packs. Seafood itself is good for cats, but if they have too much, there’s a possibility of hyperthyroidism and other medical issues. It’s best to possibly mix it with other foods or give it to them only once in a while. Every day might not be the best for most cats, but talk to your vet if you’re concerned.

The only other main issue is summarized by Gregory, who talked about how he couldn’t get his cats to even touch the stuff! Not all cats like chunky ingredients, so just keep that in mind when you buy. It really depends on your cat.

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​I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I approached the dreaded cat food isle. I might cut corners sometimes on other things I do, but there was no way I could give my cat anything less than the best. Tiki cat food is thankfully one of the best options out there for my guy. Despite some issues with chunkier ingredients and cost, it’s a great option for any owner. Hope this tiki cat reviews helped!


  • Corinne says:

    I always smush up the chunks and my two girls love it. why couldn’t people think of this on their own?

  • Susan Robidoux says:

    I just discovered Tiki Cat and my kittens and older guys just love it. Since I’ve switched them over their coats are shiny and healthy, and they have lots more energy!

  • Karen says:

    It really does smell good. My 15 year old little girl had some teeth removed and has a hard time with chunks of anything. I put the food in my Magic Bullet, whip it up until it’s smooth and pour it into her bowl. She laps it up until it’s all gone. Good stuff!

  • Babs says:

    Is it healthy enough to feed daily to kittens?

  • Carolyn J LaBarbera says:

    I was desperate when the cat food my 16 /yr old cat had always eaten was discontinued. She would not touch any other I tried. Then I discovered Tiki Cat. The first time I put tuna tilapia with pumpkin seeds in her dish, she gobbled it up with gusto. I could hardly believe it! She already has a glossier coat and more energy.

  • Karen Hernandez says:

    I rarely buy wet cat food, but with one of my cat is getting older I’ve decided to buy some in order to mix it with his dry kibbles. I decided to try this brand because the picture show that it had real chunks of seafood in it, and not some pate looking thing that you’ll find that stores. The Tiki cat wet food didn’t disappoint, however I’m concern about the bones that is present with the fish. Will the fish bones be hazardous to my cats?

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