Tips To Help Your Dog Poop Easier

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Just think of how awful constipation feels. Well, it’s nothing less awful for your dog. But luckily, there are some things you can do to help your pet go through it faster.

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It’s not just the awful, uncomfortable feeling that your dog gets. Constipation can be harmful, since it can cause some further health problems, like canine hemorrhoids. In order to avoid any complications and more pain, try one of the home remedies proposed below.

Keep in mind you should never try more than one at a time. Combining even two remedies can cause severe diarrhea, that can lead to dehydration.

Try with milk. It’s a pretty easy remedy, we all have it in the fridge, so it doesn’t ask for any extra drives to the market. The way it works is that drinking milk has this laxative effect on dogs. You don’t need to give your dog too much of it, just wait for a couple of hours and see if it worked.

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Try canned dog food instead of dry. It’s probably the number one tip that a dog owner would give you if you tell them your dog has been constipated lately.

It’s pretty logical. Dry food has less moisture than the canned version, so dogs that eat only dry food can suffer from constipation. If you think that this might be the case, try feeding your dog with canned food for 2 days in a row and see if the constipation goes away.

Try using olive or mineral oil. You’d be surprised to see what a simple remedy like adding some olive oil to your dog’s usual food can do. Adding a bit of olive oil to the dog’s bowl will usually work in the next 24 hours. But be careful, not any oil will do it, so stick to the olive one in order to avoid diarrhea.

But yes, if you don’t happen to have any olive oil, you can definitely try with a little bit of mineral oil instead. Both of them should be mixed with food, and not fed directly to the dog.

Aloe vera juice. Be careful with the amounts and do consult your vet on this one in order to make sure it’s a good idea, before trying it.

Canned pumpkin. It’s one of the advice you’ll probably get from your vet. Dogs love the taste of canned pumpkin. They’ll enjoy eating it, while it works on solving their constipation issues. But do stay away from any forms that might contain sugar, rather stick with the pure pumpkin puree.

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Give more water to your dog. It’s the most basic one of all. If your dog has been constipated the first thing to check is if it’s getting enough fluids. Lack of fluids is the most common reason for constipation of all.

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