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(Last Updated On: July 17, 2018)

I’m sure most pet owners would agree with me that fleas are just the bane of our pets’ existence! They’re so difficult to get rid of and can potentially cause a lot of health impacts for us and our pets. Fleas tend to be a lot more common during the warmer seasons so I thought I’ll write up a little post to share my top recommendations for flea treatments.

Understanding More About Fleas

Here are some quick points to help you understand more about fleas so you can better understand how to tackle them.

  • Fleas have a compressed shape to help them run through the hair/fur of pets really easily.
  • Scratching is not the only sign of an infestation! In fact, some pets might have a major infestation going on but don’t scratch (either because it’s not allergic to fleas or doesn’t have very sensitive skin). Don’t take for granted that your pet not scratching means you’re not facing any flea infestation!
  • Fleas take a month to grow from an egg into an adult.
  • Can you just use cat flea products on dogs and vice versa? The answer is no. There are different ingredients in the products that are meant for different pets so be sure to stick to the instructions.

No time to read? My Top Recommendation

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats

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I find this to be the most effective; even after your cat swims or has a good old shampoo. Safe for kittens and cats from 8 weeks old and above.

Bayer Advantage For Dogs

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Easy to apply and extremely effective, Bayer Advantage uses imidacloprid as its main ingredient to cause paralysis and death to fleas. Its 2nd main ingredient stops eggs from hatching. This is the best flea treatment for dogs in my opinion.

Finding Fleas on Your Pets

You can look out for a few signs, one of them being flea dirt. Flea dirt is reddish brown in color so you can wet a paper towel and then rub the moist towel on some spots of your pet. If there is the presence of flea dirt, you’ll see signs of a reddish brown color on your moist towel.

Another way is to thoroughly examine with good light through your pet’s hair. It is difficult but absolutely necessary if you really want to spot the problem and presence of fleas so you can eradicate them quickly.​

Check your carpets for any sign of flea eggs. Using your hands, run through the carpet fibers and if you spot small ovals that are white in color, chances are they are flea eggs. Using a magnifying glass will help you tremendously.

Another way to check for fleas is to attract them with some heat, light and water. Put some warm water into a bowl and add a little liquid detergent to it. Placing the bowl of water on the floor, position a lamp over the bowl so the light shines over it. If there are any fleas in the vicinity, you can be sure they’d be attracted to the light and jumping into the water where the soap will kill them.​

Pets often get infested with fleas as they come in contact with other animals or even in contact with the fleas in the environment. You need a proper flea treatment to help your pets be safe. So, what are the treatment options and how can you save your pets this season? Here’s a look at the different flea treatment control products for dogs and cats.

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs


Bayer Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment For Dogs

The best flea medicine for dogs

My Rating:

One of the best topical flea control for dogs is the Bayer Advantage II. It contains an adulticide (imidacloprid) and pyriproxyfen, which is an insect growth regulator and can kill the fleas during all the stages of their life cycle. Adult fleas are killed easily as well, and the flea’s life cycle is broken. Moreover, the product kills fleas as soon as they come in contact; so it means they don’t have to bite your pet to die. It is one of the best products for flea treatment for dogs.

All you need to do is to use this product for just one time a month, and it will kill at least 98% of the flea. It starts working within a couple of minutes after its application. Bayer Advantage II is an effective option for the flea treatment for your pet even after bathing and swimming due to its water-resistant property.

Details of the product

Available in a pack of 6.5 x 1 x 4.2 inches and weighing about 1.6 ounces, is one of the best flea treatment for dogs. The pack has easy-to-use applicator tubes filled with four pre-measured doses for dogs with 55 pound and more. Bayer Advantage II can safely be applied over the puppies as well.

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• Bayer Advantage II works for one month or more

• It kills the fleas as well as its eggs and larvae

• Once applied to the dog, it will prevent from further flea infestation for almost a month


• It takes at least 12 hours to effectively kill about 98% of the fleas

• This item can currently be shipped only within the US.


Merial Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Control

My Rating:

This medicated ointment, made specifically for the flea treatment for dogs and Puppies is effective to kill fleas, as well as the ticks from your pets’ body. To get the best result, apply the ointment to the shoulder blades of your dog. It is highly effective for dogs over 11 to 22 pounds and with eight weeks and more age.Product Details

The three pack Merial Frontline Plus contains three months of protection weighing 0.3 ounces. It is 5.8 x 0.8 x 4.5 inches in dimension and contains Methoprene and Fipronil. It is great as flea treatment for dogs.

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• Highly effective in stopping flea infestation (at any stage during the flea life cycle)

• Kills up to 99% of the fleas and ticks

• Kills the ticks to avoid any communicable disease

• Effective in underwater activities as well

• Can be used for more than a month


Be careful it is kept away from the reach of the children

• It should be used specifically on dogs and not on any other animals, especially rabbits and other soft rodents


Capstar Flea Treatment for Dogs

My Rating:

Another effective flea treatment for your pet (specifically for cats and dogs) is the Capstar Flea Treatment. This product is particularly effective to treat the sudden outbreak of adult fleas on the dogs. Administered orally, the product shows its reaction within hours of application. It can safely be used for dogs older than 1 week and with more than 2 pounds weight. It generally takes four hours for dogs and six hours for cats to kill the adult fleas. You can use it safely for the pregnant cats and dogs as well as the nursing pets, without any apprehension of any infection.

Details of the product

Measuring 4.5 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches and weighing 0.6 ounces, this product comes in two packs – one with a pack of 6 tablets and the other with 12 tablets. Each of the tablets will work for as long as 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can check whether there is any irritation in the pets and whether or not it can be continued.

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  • Kills almost all the adult fleas on the dogs and cats within 5 hours of application
  • Can be applied to both cats and dogs
  • One tablet works for more than 24 hours
  • Is easily applicable for pregnant cats and dogs


  • Can kill only the adult fleas and the larva and the other fleas in any other stage of its life cycle cannot be killed with the Capstar Flea Treatment
  • It is a good option for the quick-kill of the fleas but not for long term effect.

Best Flea Treatment For Cats


Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats 

The best flea medicine for cats

My Rating:

Bayer Advantage II offers one of the best results for flea treatment for cats. It works exactly the same way as that of the Bayer Advantage II for dogs. This medicated ointment when applied on your pet cat can work for almost four weeks and even after shampooing or swimming. It kills the fleas and the tapeworms within twelve hours of the application.

Product Details

With 6.5 x 1 x 4.2 inches and 0.3 ounces, it is most effective for cats weighing more than 9 pounds and with eight weeks or more age.

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• Kills 98% fleas dermatitis and tapeworms within 12 hours

• Totally eradicate the chewing lice in one week

• Water resistant property

• Effective in eradicating secondary problems like flea allergy


  • Some people’s cats are apparently allergic to it in some way and end up with a small bald spot​


Merial Frontline Flea and Tick Control for Cats

My Rating:

This is a great option flea treatment for cats. Another effective flea treatment for cats, the Merial Frontline Plus for both cats and kittens aged eight weeks and more. Once applied, it will work for up to six months and will kill the flea, ticks and chewing lice within 12 hours of application. The package contains the details of the 3-step application process.

Product Details

Measuring 5.8 x 1 x 4.5 inches, it weighs 1.6 ounces and can be shipped only within the U.S. the pack contain enough quantity to be applied for 6 months.

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• Kills the ticks, fleas and the chewing lice up to 98%

• Can be used even under water

• Kills the fleas in any stage during their life cycle

• Can work for more than a month, once applied


  • Some pets might feel temporary irritation after the first time of application​

Flea Treatment For Cats

Protecting your pet is easier than it sounds. If you are interested in knowing how well cat flea collars work, do read my post here. Dealing with your pet’s flea issues early on and save you a whole lot of hassle! Don’t wait for the problem to compound and get out of hand.

When flea medication doesn’t seem to work on your pets

Some pet owners often share their experience in treating their pets’ fleas and ticks consistently, yet get disappointed that after all they’ve done the bugs still won’t go away. It could be frustrating especially if you’ve already spent a lot for the products. But it’s really not just about the effectiveness of anti flea and tick products. There are many reasons why fleas continue to exist. It’s necessary to stop the infestation.

To start with, ensure that you are effectively applying the treatment. It’s all in the application. This is true when it comes to topical products like shampoos. It is vital to totally part the hair and apply the treatment exactly to the skin for proper skin and hair follicle distribution.

This is quite challenging for thick haired pets. The treatment won’t work legitimately if only the hair follicles get into contact with the treatment – it must reach your pet’s skin so the skin can absorb it. It’s absolutely essential to follow directions from the product instructions.

For example, for big dogs, Advantage II requires the treatment to be spread on various spots down the back of the pet. Proper application is so vital.

While it is enticing to attempt and spare cash by using treatments marked for big pets on smaller ones, this can only prompt ineffectiveness of the product. Again, make sure to follow the product’s direction for use and only use it for the specified type of animal. Never use dog flea treatment on cats.

Another possible reason behind these products not working is by not treating your home and yard, where eighty percent of the flea’s life cycle may happen. It’s very important to get rid of fleas inside and outside your home. This will prevent fleas and ticks from coming back after you have treated your pet.

In instances of overwhelming infestation of fleas and ticks, try using products that can dry out their life stages. Banish all fleas and ticks once and for all by investing on these products. Make sure to use non toxic flea infestation solutions for your pets and for your home. Treating both your pet and your home will prevent reinfestation. There are many other ways to get rid of fleas. Just make sure they are safe for you and your pets.

Lastly, be patient as it will take some time to get rid of those fleas. As long as you do it correctly and persistently, you will get results.

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