The Best Glow in the Dark Dog Collar To Get: 2023 Reviews

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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Taking your dog on a walk at night is especially risky due to the low visibility and this problem only intensifies if your dog has a dark colored coat. A solution may be to use something in order for them to be seen in low visibility environments. Yes, I’m talking about glow in the dark dog collars!

Why Use A Collar That Glows?

First off all, they are pretty cool. But apart from their aesthetic and cool factor, they are invariably beneficial and probably critical to your dog’s safety especially in the dark. Say for example you’re out on a walk with your dog at night, or walking through a busy street filled with pedestrians and cyclists.

You’re going to want your dog to be seen in order to avoid any untoward accidents. They are also particularly useful in case your dog has run away.

Or you’re out on an overnight camping or hiking trip with them.


Best Glow in the Dark Collars For Your Dog

Davis FurEver

This one glows brightly and does not need batteries as it charges after being exposed to a light source. It also has the ability to recharge even while your dog is wearing it. This is made from malleable silicone and plastic materials so it’s gentle on your pet, flexible, and waterproof too. It’s recommended to be used with another especially if your dog likes pulling on it.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Flexible, stretchy, and gentle
– Made from waterproof materials
– Batteries not needed
– Charges from indoor and outdoor light
– Charges while worn

Keep In Mind:
– Should be worn with another
– Not visible over long distances

Illumiseen LED

This glow in the dark collar shines bright with three easy to switch settings: steady, rapid flashing, or slow flashing. The battery is USB rechargeable and lasts for about 5 hours every one hour of charging. It is sturdy and can be clipped on easily to your dog. Sold separately are compatible LED dog leashes.

Why It’s So Popular:
– 3 different settings
– USB rechargeable batteries
– Sturdy material
– Long-lasting batteries
– Easy to put on and use
– Good width
– Bright light

Keep In Mind:
– Not 100% waterproof
– Collar width too big for small dogs

K9 Leads

The lights are visible for more than 100 yards. This glow in the dark collar also has three settings: steady, slow, and fast flashing. It is waterproof and can be used in rain or shine. You can simply replace the battery for instant charge as there are 2 batteries included. No more waiting for long USB charging.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Waterproof
– Visible for 100 yards
– 3 light settings
– Battery replacement included for no charging wait time
– Leash is sturdy

Keep In Mind:
– Battery needs replacing over time

GloPup LED

This glow in the dark collar is visible even from 1000ft away and you can also change the setting of the lights from steady to slow flashing and fast flashing. This is made from sturdy materials and specially designed to last longer than other LED collars. The reflective stitching adds visibility to the already visible lights.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Highly visible
– 3 light settings
-Sturdy and durable materials and make
– Added visibility from reflective stitching
– Comfortable

Keep In Mind:
– Short light can become less visible if dog shakes its head

Blazin’ Safety LED

Anyone will be able to see the lights from up to 350 yards away. You can also charge it from any device which is so convenient. The battery generally lasts for over 7 hours and has three settings, on, strobe, and blink. It will protect your dog while also making it look stylish.

Why It’s So Popular:
– USB rechargeable battery
– Waterproof
– 3 light settings

Keep In Mind:
– Not as bright as other lights

What to Consider:


You’re going to want to look for one that shines brightly for better visibility. For obvious reasons , lights on the outside shine brighter than those tucked inside nylon collars. There is also what’s called as a Pup Protector light which are so bright they can be seen for up to 1.7 km.

These can even be used during the day. If you have to buy a glow in the dark collar with the lights inside the color, pick a light color for brighter lights.


Choose one that is durable, as they are subject to a lot of damage from chewing. Choosing a well made and durable one will also keep your dog from accidentally ingesting any harmful parts.

Water Resistant

Going on hikes and camping trips may involve water, and you would want it to remain glimmering despite being subjected to water. Find a water resistant design to withstand getting exposed to water if your dog decides to go for a swim or if its raining.


Choose a glow in the dark collar that not only keeps your pet safe but also comfortable. Remember that having one doesn’t just make your pet look cool, but can also save their life in risky situations in the dark.

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