TrackR Bravo Review: What I Really Think!

If you're one of my family/friends, you'd know that I can be really absent minded. I do tend to lose things a lot which is why a friend introduced TrackR to me. TrackR makes coin-sized trackers that connect to its app to help you find your missing item in seconds! As a pet owner, I found out that I could also use it for my pets. 

Even if your phone is on silent, you can simply press the button to ring your phone. Searching in your house is easy when you have a distance display to show you when you’re close, and the device can even make a noise for items like keys. If you’re worried someone’s stolen your item, you can see current updates on location using the GPS too. You can supposedly “find lost items in seconds” with the TrackR.

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The TrackR Bravo

This coin-sized tracker is a Bluetooth device that helps you locate lost items quickly and efficiently. Your time is important, so if you lose something, you’ll find it within minutes hopefully thanks to the quick tone. It’s small, lightweight, and plastic, so you probably won’t even notice it! It’ll be there when you need it to track your item or your lost phone in reverse.

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This device rings your phone or your other lost items through the app. Once the button is pushed, a sound will alert you to your missing item, even if your phone happens to be on silent. There are even two-way separation alerts that’ll beep before you leave the house without your wallet!

When I get close, my item beeps right on cue. It won’t happen all the time though with proper safe-zones to avoid beeping. The small design works great, and you can even change the tone to your favorite song if you’d like. If a good samaritan finds your device outside of your home, you can set it to alert to you if they’re a TrackR user too.


For pets, this is great because it can be easily attached to your pet's collar. Its 100ft range (from your mobile phone) means you can keep track of their location. If it goes out of range, TrackR will send you a notification of where they are if they happen to come within the range of another user.

  • It’s very small, light, and durable
  • Using it is easy- just push the button!
  • It works two-ways, so even if you lose your phone, you can activate the beep from your item
  • You can set it up to beep when you get too far from an item
  • The tone can be changed both as a sound and as a volume
  • You can set up safe-zones so you don’t need to hear beeping every time you leave your desk
  • Set it up in case someone else finds your device

How it Works

For someone like me who’s bad with technology, even small items like this can seem daunting. Lucky for me then, it is so easy to use. All I have to do is attach the small device to my item. After that, I download the app to my phone or computer. I can find it with the push of a button! If I lose it outside of my home, the Crowd GPS system will ping me to where I need to be. I can even set it up to ring when the devices get too far from one another, or reverse track my phone from the device on the item. All I ever have to do is push a button.


  • It helps you track both lost items and your phone
  • It’s tiny, lightweight, with a replaceable battery
  • The price is exceptional for what you’re getting
  • It works well to track items that you’ve accidentally left behind
  • There’s no monthly service or subscription
  • For more details and features, read here


  • The alarm sound is fairly faint and difficult to hear
  • The location is more vague on the app that people would like
  • You have to be really close to the item to even get a location, so it doesn’t even work well between rooms
  • The phone has to reconnect constantly

Best Suited For?

Perfect for people that tend to misplace things in their house or at work all the time. They’re sleek, simple, and easy to use too. Of course, it works perfectly as a pet tracker as well so you know where your cat/dog is!

Read on to see if this tracker will suit your needs.​

General Customer Impressions

Some people do mention that it didn’t work at a far range. It does take a while to connect to your phone at some times. 

Many people loved how easily it worked and how quickly they found their items. They especially noted how they could find their phone without having the sound on. One of the greatest things for customers was the price. The lack of subscription was perfect, and it was easy to use. The map showed up without any problems, which is part of the reason why people still loved buying it regardless of problems.


The TrackR is great for people who find themselves constantly misplacing their items or pet owners like me who wants to track their pets. Just push the button and start listening for the beeping. The simplicity and size of the device are only two reasons why people buy, and despite problems, this might be a great quick fix if you’re spending half hour just looking for your keys in the morning.

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2019)

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