Tramadol for Dogs

tramadol dosage for my dog per kg
(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

Have you tried just about everything to cure your dog’s pain or mental issues? Are you looking for a medication that will lift your dog’s mood? Then maybe Tramadol for dogs is right for you. If you own a dog, you understand that they are a part of your family. Tramadol alters the way your dog will feel pain, relieving them of some of it. It also increases the level of chemicals which elevates their mental state.

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What Is Tramadol For Dogs?

Tramadol is a type of medication made for dogs who experience anxiety or have pains. This drug is a safe and effective way of controlling any pain your dog may experience by numbing a part of your dog’s brain. Tramadol does not cure pain, however, it helps with dealing with pain, by dulling the part that senses pain, so the pain is still present, your dog just won’t be able to feel it.

tramadol dosage for my dog per kg

Why Vets Usually Prescribe It For Dogs?

As with any medication, it is important a vet prescribes the medication specifically your dog as, different dogs, similar to humans, will react differently to different medications. After reading up on the drug online, it may seem necessary to test it on your dog, however, any medication that has an effect on your brain, especially to this degree should be prescribed and moderated.  

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Possible symptoms and illnesses that may require a prescription to Tramadol:


This medication can be prescribed for many different types of pains your dog may experience, though it often prescribed for joint pains. It can be used for short term relief to get over a quick injury, or, long term for extreme and continuous pain that is often present in older dogs.


Dogs, just like humans experience anxiety. They often experience anxiety to situations similar to ones that affect us. When they are in a new or uncomfortable environment, especially dogs who may have been rescues, are prone to anxiety like attacks. It may be car rides, staying home alone, the weather or a new home, as well as other factors that could lead to your dog’s stress. However, most vets would rather prescribe other medication before this one, as Tramadol is quite a heavy medication with some possible complications. 


Similar to anxiety, we have come to notice dogs (as well as other animals) experience depression. This medication can be used to treat depression as it is an opiate. While this drug is not commonly used to ease depression in dogs, it has been shown to have a very large positive effect on some dogs. Since Tramadol is an opiate it has the ability to elevate your dog’s mood once taken.


If you dog has had a very bad cough, it is possible that Tramadol can help. There are usually other causes behind your dog’s coughing that require different solutions,. However, Tramadol is a potential option when looking for a medication to ease your dog’s cough.

Potential Side Effects

This medication may sound perfect for your dog, based on your own prescription, however, remember, there are possible negative side effects and reactions to this medicine. This is why it is important to get it prescribed by the vet, you do not want to put your pet in a worse condition than they were previously.

Upset stomach

If your dog has not eaten a proper meal once taking this medication, it is possible they may have a negative reaction. If your dog vomits after taking the medication it may be due to taking it on an empty stomach. However, if your dog always seems to become sick after taking the medication, it is probably time for a switch. What about swollen stomach?

It is also very common for dogs to experience constipation while taking this medication. There are possible ways to treat constipation and an upset stomach. Of course contact your vet for the safest ways.tramadol dosage for 11 pound dog

Blurred vision

While this is an uncommon side effect, it is possible, so it is important to watch your dog closely to see if you can pick up on the possibility of blurred vision after they begin taking Tramadol. It is also possible your dog will experience dizziness, which can easily be mistaken with blurred vision. Either way this is scary for the dog owner and the dog. So try and calm your dog down, relaxation will usually relieve them of this symptom.


Drowsiness is almost an expected side effect to this medication. It is extremely common and for the most part nothing to be concerned about. If you pick up on this in your dog, you can try lessening their dosage, or of course contact your vet to ask questions.  

More severe symptoms: breathing problems, convulsions, rash, slowing heart rate. If you notice any of these in your dog, they may be a serious reaction to the medication, you are advised to contact your vet immediately.

tramadol for my canine dog

Will My Dog Start Having A Tolerance To It?

Tramadol is a very effective medication, especially when used in the short term. While it is effective for long term use, it is very possible that your dog may develop a tolerance to it. This makes the medication useless and ineffective. It may be necessary to prescribe another medication in conjunction with Tramadol to bring back its original effects on your dog.


Which Dogs Should Not Take Tramadol?

Not all medications are made for all dogs. Different breeds of dogs, who grew up in different environments will react differently to the same medication. Tramadol is a medicine that works for multiple different situations and is for the most part safe, however, certain dogs are advised against taking it.

Dogs with liver and kidney disease should avoid taking Tramadol.

If you have a dog taking MAOIs, it is very crucial that you discuss the possibility of taking Tramadol with a trained vet to assure that the medication will not affect your dog’s issues further.

Dogs who are pregnant or nursing are advised to stay away from the medication as it can passed down to the mother’s children. Dogs who have experienced recent seizures or have a history of seizures as Tramadol can increase (or bring back) seizure activity in these dogs.

If you dog is taking SSRIs you will want to try to avoid this medication or at least consult your vet.


Tramadol is an effective medication that works very well for dogs experiencing anxiety, pains, depression or coughing. Tramadol changes the way you experience the pain. While it is safe and rather versatile, it is not advised for all dogs, so it is extremely crucial to consult a professional vet before prescribing it to your dog.


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