Wellness vs Blue Buffalo: The Ultimate Showdown!

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

A quality diet is vital for the health of every living being. You know the saying “you are what you eat.”? People don’t say that for no reason. Just like you and me, your dog should consume quality food if you wish for him to be healthy and energized. If you feed your dog with low-quality, cheap food or with spicy and overcooked food that you eat for lunch, he will get overweight quickly, he won’t have energy, and his coat will lose that shiny effect and silky texture.

So, now that you know which kind of food you shouldn’t feed your dog it’s time to talk about the quality food that you should buy. It is important that your dog gets rich food that will nurture his physique as well as his mind. But as you already know, there are hundreds of different dog foods available in pet stores and all of them guarantee this or that for your dog. Most of those foods don’t come cheap, and we know that for many people every dime counts. That is why we have decided to talk about two high-quality dog foods available on the market which are guaranteed to make your little pup healthy and happy. Of course, we are talking about Wellness and Blue Buffalo dog food.

About Wellness Dog Food

You have probably already heard about Wellness dog food as high-quality dog food. If your dog hasn’t tried it yet, now is the time. You can choose different food from a couple of different featured brands such as Core, Truefood, Simple, and Complete Health. In addition to that, you won’t be limited to just dry dog food or wet dog food. You can choose from a variety of wet recipes, mixers and toppers, dry recipes and snacks and treats. With this dog food, you will get a perfect mix of delicious and healthy and you will have a hard time separating your furry friend from his bowl.

Some of the ingredients found in Wellness dog food are chicken, chicken liver, carrots, apples, ground brown rice, broth, herring, oat fiber, omega fatty acids, salmon oil, sweet potatoes, taurine, lamb, beef, iron proteinate, and much more.

About Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Let’s talk about Blue Buffalo Dog food for a moment now. This is another high-quality dog food you’ve probably heard of. Blue Buffalo is made out of completely natural ingredients which guarantee complete nutrition for your dog. Just like with Wellness dog food, you can also choose from a couple of different types of dog foods and recipes such as dog treats, wet dog food, dry dog food, and meat rolls. However, you can also pick out the desired food based on the age of your dog. This means that you can buy Blue Buffalo dog food for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. It is great to have these kinds of options because not every dog needs the same diet. Something that a senior dog might enjoy, might not be that good for a puppy and vice versa.

Customer Reviews

If you wish to know more about the product and hear an honest opinion, sometimes it is best to find answers to your questions from customer reviews. Not every review is objective and comprehensive, but if you read 30-40 reviews, you can get a pretty clear picture whether the product is as good as advertised. We have gone through the user reviews of Wellness and Blue Buffalo dog food, and this is what we found out.


During 2012 there was a couple of recalls of this dog food from the market, but it is still considered as one of the best dog foods available. Consumer reports say that this dog food is considered to be high quality and popular food and it has great ratings. There are very few consumers who are reporting any kind of problems with this dog food, but most of those bad reports have something to do with dogs that are allergic to some ingredient. However, the majority of reports claim that pet owners are extremely satisfied with the quality of this food and say that dogs love it. Most notable are the improvements with dogs energy levels and their healthier physique. This food is also endorsed and favored by various pet nutritionists and experts who claim that this formula is one of the best formulas you can find on the market.

Blue Buffalo

Just like Wellness, Blue Buffalo also had to recall a couple of their products due to higher levels of vitamin D. However, consumers claim that this just shows that this company really cares about the quality of their product and dogs who consume it. You won’t find any corn, wheat or corn in this dog food and that is another indicator that Blue Buffalo cares about dogs. However, there are some reports that claim that their pets have had issues from consuming this food but those issues were allergic reactions that only some dogs experienced. If your dog has a sensitive digestion system, it would probably be best trying a small potion first to check.

Price & Availability

Blue Buffalo

Since this dog food is considered as a high-quality food, it also comes with a price tag which is somewhat pricey. However, it is generally considered a good idea to invest in this quality food. When talking about the availability, you can get this dog food directly from the Blue Buffalo company as well as most of the retailers and pet shops.


The biggest drawback of this dog food is the price tag which is considered to be expensive. Despite that, this food is still considered as a smart investment in the health and well-being of your dog. You can get this dog food pretty much anywhere since many retailers have it in stock.


Both of these dog foods contain high-quality, all-natural ingredients which are guaranteed to help your dog remain healthy and energized. Now it’s up to you to decide which one you should try. The best thing you can do is to get both of these brands and see which one your dog likes more. After all, your dog is the most important part of this dilemma.

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