7 Best Wet Food For Cats Reviews: Sensitive Stomachs, Diabetes or UTI

best wet cat food
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2022)

As a cat owner, I spent forever trying to pick out the best option for my little guy. Wet food versus dry biscuits was one of my biggest issues, and may be one of yours too. I’d always fed Lilo dry food, but as I looked up wet food diets, I wondered if those might just be better.


7 Best Wet Food for Cats

So all you have to do is avoid fillers, get the right sized can, and still get a good price, right? It’s not that easy, but I’ve searched the top choices so you have an edge.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control


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Hill’s Science Diet helps your kitty avoid hairballs while maintaining healthy organs. You can give your cat a different-sized can in different flavors to transition them easily. Helps with diarrhea as well.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Really works when it comes to reducing hairballs
– Cats love the flavor
– No overwhelming pungent odor

Keep In Mind:
– Filled with by-products and grains

Nature’s Recipe Grain Free

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You get lots with one purchase- 24 cans! Real chicken is Nature’s Recipe’s first ingredient, with no grain, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or flavors. A great wet food for cats with sensitive stomachs and diarrhea!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Grain-free properties reduces hairballs and throwing up
– Perfect for cats of all ages
– You can see that it’s real chicken

Keep In Mind:
– Some people don’t like the smell
– Overpriced for some owners
– Comes only in small packets

Wellness CORE Natural Canned Grain Free Pate

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Get any one of the great flavors of Wellness CORE. They’re protein focused while being grain free without wheat, corn, or soy. It is even made right in the US. If your cat has a sensitive stomach and diarrhea, this is a good pick.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Helps with a great coat, high energy, and good poops
– Nutritionally balanced for cats with sensitive stomachs

Keep In Mind:
– some might not like the taste

Purina Fancy Feast Mornings

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24 cans come right to you in a variety of flavors with Purina. This wholesome, nutritionally whole recipe is made with eggs and veggies. It’s just like breakfast for your pet!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Cats with health issues like dirrhea and kidney disease eat this easily
– Perfect for aging felines

Keep In Mind:
– Looks yellow and pasty
– Some may not like the smell

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Flaked


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Grab any of the great flavors of Blue Buffalo made right in the US. There are two meats in one can, making it a real cat favorite. Just choose your can size and flavor.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The ingredients are fantastic
– Helps felines get their water and red meats
– Even cats with health problems like kidney disease and diarrhea can digest it easily

Keep In Mind:
– The flakes are a bit more expensive than the pate
– Has a strong smell

Purina 12-Pack Friskies Poultry Platter

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This can be given to both adult cats and kittens. It’s nutritionally balanced thanks to the moist chunks of real chicken, and is easy to eat since it’s in classic pate form.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Cats generally seem to like it
– A good portion of the price goes to charity
– Low carb

Keep In Mind:
– May dry out a little quick in the bowl

Purina Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Cat Formula Canned

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Purina makes great recipes that is perfect for cats for dietary issues too. This is high in protein and low in carbohydrates while being low in fat and easy to digest.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Best wet food for cats with sensitive stomachs
– Great for both kittens and felines
– One can lasts for about 2 days

Keep In Mind:
– Some cats may find it difficult digesting the rice grains

Types of Wet Cat Food

Yes, there are different types. You can’t just pick out any random can and feed it to your cat when there are dozens to choose from!

Organic Canned

Food like this is made with all organic meats and vegetables. This means that you won’t usually find lots of fillers, preservatives, and chemicals.


The smaller flakes in this food are easier to chew. You can buy it for any breed, but cats with dental issues, along with smaller kittens, will especially benefit.

With Gravy

Hey, cats like gravy too! Most come in a broth, but some come with thicker gravy that your pet can lick up after eating.


Many owners may not want to deal with cans that take up room and are hard to open. That’s why you can buy pouches that you can store and dispose of easily.

Things You Might Want To Consider:

You can’t just believe everything the label says when buying your food. Sure, there are some minimum requirements on quality, but what should you be looking for specifically?

Why does my cat reject wet food suddenly?

The Label

You’ve got to make sure the ingredients are good in any can of food. The ones at the top are the most abundant, so you’ll want to see fresh meat or meals like deboned chicken and salmon meal.

High Protein, Low Carbs

Try to find those healthy animal fats like chicken fat, salmon oil, or fatty fish such as tuna. There’s no carbohydrate requirement for cats but look for digestible sources that provide fiber. Brown rice, oatmeal, and gluten-free grains are all options.

No Artificial Preservatives

Avoid corn, wheat, and soy. These are common allergens and are low in nutritional value. Corn gluten meal and wheat flour only bulk up the products to save the company money.

Ingredient Splitting

You might find ingredients like corn meal and corn flour together. One ingredient divided into smaller portions like this is called splitting so that it looks like there’s not as much corn on the ingredient list.

Can Size

Look at the actual can rather than the ingredients too. Kittens won’t be able to eat a huge can, and larger cats would benefit from one large can rather than tons of small ones.


No matter what ingredients there are, you must ensure your cat eats them! Look for multiple flavors so you can experiment to find the most suitable.


Hey, you still have a budget, even with how expensive some brands can be; shop within your budget without getting something cheap and low quality.

How To Help Your Cat Transition To Wet Meals

We all know that cats can be a little finicky. But one of the easiest ways to transition is to swap their meals here and there to get them used to it.

Avoid upsetting your pet’s stomach by introducing it slowly. Mix the new meal and the old one, first with one-quarter new, then half on day 3, then three quarters until it’s all new food. You can even sprinkle some of the old kibbles on top of the wet food or crush some into it. It’ll help your pet get used to the flavoring without transitioning too fast. Even warming it up slightly can help.


I spent lots of time trying to pick out the best wet food for cats. I’d been used to feeding my girl dry kibbles, but there are lots of wet brands that are delicious and nutritious. Instead of picking out any can, choose a brand your kitty can enjoy and have long-term health benefits from!

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