Whistle GPS Reviews: Does it actually work?

I've been talking a lot about my experience with different GPS trackers recently. Hopefully these posts are helpful to you if you do decide to get one! I love these trackers as they are so cool to use (trust me, even my husband and I pore over them like teenagers!) and very helpful. Today, I'll be talking about another brand in this review.

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An Introduction to the Whistle Brand

The Whistle brand aims to improve the relationship between pets and their owners by providing smart technology to help better understand the pet’s health. They also make products for vets. They also make an activity monitor to track your dog’s health and activity levels.

They stand out because they offer free shipping and live GPS tracking. They also let you set a custom safe zone for your pet to roam. If you would like, they can email or send you texts to notify you if your dog has left the safe zone. They also have exceptional customer service.

The Whistle Tracker

Whistle bought out the Tagg brand a few years ago, and upgraded the Tagg tracker. Although it has all of the same components of the Tagg, it also tracks your dog’s activity and they made the device itself more durable. It easily attaches to your dog’s collar and works through a mobile application on your phone. You do have to pay for service, you can choose monthly, yearly, or biyearly payments for the service.

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This tracker and the mobile application that you download onto your phone give you live GPS tracking of your dog. It is also a health and activity tracker; you can monitor your dog’s food and medications as well. This device is very durable, waterproof and shock resistant. You set a “safe zone” for your dog to roam freely in; if your dog goes outside of the safe zone, you will receive an alert. There is a rechargeable battery, product comes with base charger, which only takes an hour to charge.

The mobile app lets you see and track your dog’s location and activity levels. You can also set up a profile and share photos of your pets with other Whistle GPS tracker customers. You can keep track of the food your pet eats, the amount of activity they do in a day, any medications they take and also any vet records. Once your dog leaves their safe zone, you can receive a text or email alerting you.

How It Works

In a nutshell, it works by using signals off of cell phone towers and satellites. After you activate your tracker online, or on your phone using the mobile app, you can start to track your pet.


The mobile app allows you to make a profile for your pet, share pictures, view other animals in the area and track your dog’s activity levels. You can set up an area that your dog is allowed to roam in. Once your dog goes outside of the zone, you will receive an alert letting you know.

If your dog is close to the base unit, it will go into a low power mode, ensuring a longer battery life. The battery is rechargeable and only takes about an hour to charge. The map updates every three minutes or so, giving you an accurate location of your dog.


  • Waterproof and shock resistant
  • Durable
  • Good price
  • Battery life up to ten days
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Interactive app


  • Not useful if there are no cell phone towers
  • Service fees
  • Each pet needs their own tracker
  • Each pet needs their own service

Best Suited For:

Great for a dog owner who wants to keep track of where their pet goes while also tracking their activity levels.

General Customer Reviews

Overall, many customers love their Whistle. Although some have had some difficulties, such as the tracker waiting a few minutes to alert them that their dog has left the safe zone, Whistle has been working on fixing these issues. Because this tracker uses cell phone towers, some customers might live in areas that the service isn’t as optimal as someone else’s.

Sherrie bought hers for her dog just incase her dog ever got out. She is very pleased with the Whistle; she can’t say enough positive things about it. She tested it’s locating accuracy on a walk with her dog and was happy that it was very accurate. She also praises their customer service in being very helpful and prompt in answering any questions that she had.

Jerry loves the way it is made and how durable it is. He believes even with the low monthly cost, that this tracker is worth the money. It is a very affordable tracker.

Jeanene lives on a seventy five acre sheep farm with poor fencing. She loves the fact that it alerts her when her dog gets out, letting her know where to fix her fence. Fixing her fence will prevent any more escape attempts. Jeanene is beyond pleased with her Whistle GPS tracker.


The Whistle GPS tracker is a great choice for any owner that has a dog at least fifteen pounds and wants to track their activity levels as well. The interactive mobile application allows you to see where your dog is. Even though there is a service fee to continue to use the tracker, it is still one of the cheaper trackers on the market. If you’d like a more accurate real time GPS tracker, you would have to spend a lot more money.

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2019)

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