Why Does My Cat Lick Me? 12 Real Fascinating Reasons You Didn’t Know

Why do cats lick you? Some people hate it (no thanks for the sandy exfoliation!), some people accept it as a kind (and rare) outward gesture of affection. Whatever the case, cats are actually different from dogs and many people don’t really understand why their cat is licking them. Is it truly affection? Or is it jealous? Or what other underlying reason could it be? What does it mean when a cat licks you?

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Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Cat licking, very often, is actually not very enjoyable. And this is thanks to the sandy, rough surface of their tongue. If you wonder why it hurts or why cat tongues are so rough and even feel like it spikes you, the answer is because they have bristles or papillae on the surface. These are actually crucial to help them clean or loosen their fur and help them eat properly. Cats need them to pull off the flesh from bones and to get rid of dirt or even food from their fur. Even more impressive is the fact that these spikes or bristles actually help them to drink by pulling water up in their mouths in the form of a column. Amazing fact, isn’t it?

why does my cat lick me

Reasons Why My Cat Licks Me?

Social Bonding

To a cat, licking can be just like being patted. After all of the love and attention that you’ve given your purrfect little pet, they figure they might as well return the favor. However, there is an even more scientific answer to the question. They’re marking their territory. Your cat is rubbing its scent on you by licking and pawing your body, telling all the other cats that they aren’t willing to share with anyone. This is very much like cats licking their kittens to mark their ownership and also, to bond.

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If your cat was removed from its litter too soon, they’re probably going to suffer from some anxiety. Licking, grooming, nibbling, suckling, etc., are all signs of anxiety. Some other possible causes if this anxiety can include a big change in environment recently (eg. if you have just moved, or added a new member to the family/house). My cat licks me whenever I have friends or new people in the house. If your cat does these quite often to you, try and distract them. A good distraction is a great way to relieve some stress, and get a little closer with your cat. Petting and cuddling will also help reduce your pet’s stress level.

 Licking Is Like A Pacifier Is To A Baby

In some cases where your cat was suddenly orphaned at a young age or weaned really early, it is possible for your cat to actually become fixated with licking. It’s comforting, soothing and makes up for all the suckling that they missed out on. Licking is like the next best thing and is almost like a pacifier for a baby. If your cat also kneads you and purrs, then this is probably the reason. Just pure comfort craved from a lost childhood.

Look At Me, I’m Lonely!

Your cat is in dire need of some attention and feels lonely. This could be especially true if you’re frequently away from home. Play with them a little, pet them, scratch them, brush them – it never hurts to expand their energy (and yours, too). We all know playing with your pets is an awesome stress reliever for yourself but did you know it is beneficial for them too? If you feel that you can’t really meet your cat’s bonding needs, even consider getting a playmate for it!


Your cat loves you. While living with a cat, you’re going to have to put up with quite a few things:
Moments of staring without something being there
Excessive running during the nighttime (while you’re trying to sleep)
Toe biting (yes, while you’re trying to sleep)

We have to admit, the last one can be quite painful. The licking is a definite sign of affection. While in a litter, your cat received the same kind of treatment that it’s giving you. The licking, is actually cleaning, and the occasional nibbles are signs of affection.

Stressed Out!

Licking could mean that your cat is in quite a bit of stress. Your cat could start doing it compulsively. If it does so, you can ease its stress by giving it a little more attention and trying to soothe it.

Beware of Cat

Overstimulation can be as quick as a split second, or as long a few minutes, even so be on the lookout. Licking, nibbling, and rubbing on your body could quickly turn into your worst nightmare.Your cat’s overstimulation can become deadly. Not really, but we know how vicious a territorial cat can become towards their human. If you see these signs with your cat, it means you should, stop what you’re doing and let them be: Tail wagging, Ears back, or Stiff Body.

why do cats lick you

All Work And No Play

Excessive licking could also mean that your kitty wants some play time. Of course, if your cat was removed from its litter too soon, then it doesn’t know restrain. If this is your case, the playing can be almost as deadly as trying to pet your kitty’s belly. If your cat gets too rough, then all you have to do is walk away. Eventually your cat will learn not to be rough, especially if you are consistent.

Trying To Groom You

We know that cats love to groom themselves. And that could be what your cat is trying to do for you – groom you as well! Being the very clean animals that they are, they could lick you to try to make you clean, healthy and looking good too. Try to appreciate the kind gesture and take it as a sign of concern!

Using You To Clean Its Tongue!

It might not occur to you but your cat could be using you! So much for the rare gesture of affection. You would know by now that your cat’s tongue is not the smoothest. It has papillae which is supposed to help them to get meat from bones and it also comes in handy when they need to groom by getting dirt out and loosening the fur. So your cat could be licking you to clean its tongue of all the dirt and fur stuck!

Your Skin Is Actually Tasty

Why does my cat lick my face? Why does my cat lick my hair? Well, perhaps some traces of your meal are on your skin or face! Maybe it’s just a lingering aroma. Maybe it’s even a fragrant cream you slathered on. Whichever it is, your cat just wants to indulge in tasting and exploring.

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A Trip To The Vet Could Be Needed

Why is my cat licking me so much? If your cat licks too much, too frequently or too excessively, it could mean something is terribly wrong. Licking itself, or even you excessively could mean several things: skin irritation, fleas, insect bite, or an infection. Excessive licking could also mean your cat is in pain. Look out for signs and patterns. If your older cat has never been much of a licker but is all of a sudden licking excessively, then pay attention – it could be telling you it’s in pain or discomfort. If this happens to be the case, a trip to the vet is needed.

Some things you could check for include:

  • Any skin irritations
  • Injuries
  • Check your cat’s paws and claws

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 Why Does My Cat Lick First Then Bite Me?

If you cat is licking, biting, nibling or suckling on your skin or your clothes there are simple answers. They’re probably showing you some affection. It’s actually quite common for affection to be shown this way because it’s what their mothers would do when they were a few days to weeks old.

Another likely candidate is the fact that they’re extremely stressed out. They need something to relieve their stress, and unfortunately this can be they ways that they relieve that stress. Nibbling, biting, suckly, and licking are habits for your cat that they have, and luckily they can be habits curved.

Curbing your cat’s habit of licking, suckling, biting and nibbling can be quite simple. The best way to do this is feeding their hunger for a playmate. Play with them, and they should learn not to bite, or like excessively.

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How To Stop My Cat From Licking Me

  • Distraction is key. Try to observe patterns and learn to detect when your cat is about to lick you. Once you understand this pattern, distract it before it can lick you. Use a toy, a sound, whatever you can to take its attention off your tasty arm or leg!
  • Relieve its stress. As mentioned, a cause could be stress so try to soothe and calm your cat through playing (which also helps you to bond).
  • Apply these to your arm/leg. Cats dislike and detest that citrusy, sour taste. Try lemon juice, or even apple juice that is bitter. That will put your cat off after a while.
  • Assure your cat and make it feel safe & secure. Instead of pushing your cat away when it tries to lick you, just try to move away and then pet her. This will help to discourage her in a more gentle, passive way. Don’t be harsh or punish her – it could cause a bunch of other problems.

In conclusion, your cat licking you could be a sign of wanting attention, loneliness, stress and more. If you’ve always wondered why on earth does my cat lick me or why do cats lick people, we’re pretty sure you’d find your answer in one of the above.

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