Best Wood Pellet Cat Litter 2022 and How To Use It

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

Wood pellet cat litter is a severely underappreciated choice for cat’s litter boxes. Though it may seem odd to make cat litter out of wood pellets, the material is actually very effective and of course, being cat litter made out of wood it is generally more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and affordable than traditional clay litter.

The Right Litter For Cat Urine

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Overview

What is Wood Pellet Cat Litter?

Wood Pellet Cat Litter

While it may seem strange at first to use wood pellets as kitty litter, it in many ways is less unusual than what most traditional cat litter is made out of; bentonite clay as clay litter. Using wood pellets for cat makes you traditional. It is made from softwood such as cedar and pine, though you can find pellets made from a variety of sawdust and hardwood trees as well. Using wood is to ground up very fine and compressed into a pellet.

How Wood Pellet Litter Works

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Close up

Wood pellet litter is a pretty simple, yet rather incredible invention that really does not get enough attention. When the softwood pellets come into contact with your cat’s liquid waste they essentially crumble into a sawdust which will completely absorb all the smell and liquid like a sponge.

Using Wood Pellet Cat Litter

How to Use Wood Pellets as Cat Litter 

Wood litter is extremely efficient and requires far less litter than your traditional cat litter in a sifting litter box. You only need to fill up your litter box with around an inch or so of the pellets if you use wood pellets. The wood pellets are non-clumping (to the litter box also) and instead crumble up into sawdust which will fall below the other whole pellets. Since the it absorbs the odor (so it has an odor control) and liquid, you do not need to worry about emptying the litter box out very often. Your cat’s solid waste on the other hand will just sit on top of the wood pellets and you will have to scoop it out every day.

Once the wood pellets start to thin out you can use a scoop like you would use to remove the feces in the litter boxes, to remove the remaining solid wood pellets which you can set aside. After all the solid wood pellets are removed you will be left with just the sawdust which you can toss and then add in the remaining wood pellets and refill the box. Do not let the wood pellets thin out enough to a point where you can see all of the fallen sawdust.

Every time your cat urinates wood pellets will crumble so it is important to constantly keep up by adding more wood pellets. It is best to remove the sawdust at the base at least every week or two. But mainly you should be aware of how often you refill the wood pellets to determine how often you need to clean out the sawdust.

Do not wait too long to remove the sawdust. Even if your cat rarely uses your litter box, a dirty sifting litter box can be unsafe for your cat.

Why Choose Wood Pellet Litter

Though wood pellets litter may not be for everyone, it does have many benefits aside from being eco-friendly. Likely the main reason people become interested in wood pellet cat litter is the affordable price.

Wood pellets for cat litter is generally quite a bit less expensive than traditional clay litter, which is not surprising considering how sustainable and available the only required material, wood, is. Another great benefit to wood pellet litter is it is completely natural which makes it both more eco-friendly and safe for your cat.

Wood pellets have one key eco-friendly ingredient – wood. It is not only a renewable source but with all of the rules in place to protect forests and greenery, it is almost always harvested sustainably. Not only is the wood itself harvested in an eco-friendly way, disposing of the wood pellets is far better for the environment than disposing of non-natural ones. The wood pellet litter can actually be composted and even when tossed it will naturally degrade making it overall better for the world.

Wood pellets for cat litter is completely natural, which means it is also healthier for your cat and safer than any non-natural litter which will contain chemicals additives or unnatural fragrances. On top of being safer for your cat, less expensive and better for the earth, it tends to be clean for your home since the non-clumping nature prevents any tracking of leftover litter on your cat’s paws.

Best Wood Pellet Litter For Your Cat

1. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

feline pine


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Feline Pine is a well recognized name in the wood pellet cat litter game. It has actually been around since 1992, perfecting their litter, and learning what clients need, which explains why they remain a favorite. Feline Pine is known for their promise of sustainability, in fact their litter is made from no new trees at all. Feline Pine’s original cat litter is made from entirely recycled southern yellow pine wood.


  1. Made from 100% recycled wood.
  2. The southern yellow pine tree used to create the pellets is perfect for masking smells and absorbing liquids.
  3. This litter is so absorbent and effective that 40 pounds of these wood pellets for cat litter work as efficiently as 114 pounds of a traditional clay litter.


  1. Overall, you will be saving some money in comparison to clay litters. But since Feline Pine only sells their cat litter in a large bulk container, it can be a little bit of an investment for some upfront.
  2. Since litters are only available in a large container, you cannot test out this litter to see if your cat adjusts well to using it before investing in a big amount.

2. Cypress Fresh Cat Litter with Green Tea

Next Gen’s cypress fresh cat litter with green tea may have a fancy title, but really it is just capitalizing on the properties of common natural ingredients. Hinoki cypress is a softwood which is quite common in Japan, perfect for absorbing and odor control and liquids when in the form of litter wood pellets.

To mask the smell even further, Next Gen has combined the Hinoki wood with green tea leaves that work together used to prevent bacteria growth and funky odors. The cypress fresh cat litter with green tea is technically flushable so you can dispose of the sawdust right in your home’s toilet (though it is best not to flush too much at once just to make sure you do not clog any pipes.)


  1. The cypress fresh cat litter with green tea has smaller pellets than most other wood pellet cat litters which is great for that transitioning period from traditional clay cat litters since your cats won’t notice a real difference.
  2. Next Gen uses only recycled, sustainable wood so you can lower your carbon footprint.
  3. The green tea and hinoki cypress combination really masks any potential smells and prevents bacteria growth that could be potentially harmful for your kitty and for cat owners.


  1. Though this cat litter is technically supposed to clump, like most wood pellet cat litters it will not compare with the clumping capabilities of a traditional storebrand clay cat litter.
  2.  While this litter is technically flushable, you would want to flush in small amounts to prevent any potential clogging which can be kind of inconvenient if you have to empty large amounts of litter quickly and at once.

3. Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pets

kaytee wood


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Kaytee is a product to use wood pellet for pets is not even technically meant for cats, but for use for all pets ranging from horses to chickens to cats, which makes it great for people with a variety of animals. Kaytee wood pellets are made 100% in the United States from American pine trees. That’s why, pellets are made to be extremely moisture-wicking pine pellets.


  1. The Kaytee wood pellets for pets are available in smaller bags, which are ideal for cat owners unsure of how their cats will adjust to wood pellet litter. This makes this a great starting option to test the waters and in the case that your cats doesn’t end up liking the wood pellets cat litter you haven’t made a huge investment or have a large bag of wood pellets that will go to waste.
  2. These wood pellets are made with all pets in mind, so if you have multiple species of animals in your household you can save some money and just purchase one bag of wood pellets for all your pets.
  3. The pellets are very small which will make the adjustment period for your cat learning to stand and “release” on wood pellets even easier.


  1. Some people have found these wood pellets used to have a strong smell that they do not like.
  2. While these pine wood pellets are intended for a variety of animals it is really important to research what animals they are safe for before use wood pellets since they can be potentially dangerous to some species. Though they are safe for cats and for cat owners, do some research regarding pine pellets and any other animals in your home before purchasing.

4. Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter

simply pine


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With this brand of cat litter the used ingredient list is in the name, simple pine, no use of chemicals, no use of additives at all which makes it safe for cats and naturally fresh smelling. These pellets are smaller than most and made from cracked pine which makes them soft and easy use for your cat to stand on. Simply’s cat litter, similar to all the wood pellets for cat litters, is extremely absorbent and efficient, and is actually proven 350% more absorbent than clay litter.

These wood pellets for cat litter come in a medium sized 20lb bag, which finds itself somewhere between the huge Feline’s original cat litter bag and the small Kaytee wood pellets for pets one. This makes the Simply cat litter a decent investment that will save you money in the long run if your kitty uses it up, that won’t feel like a massive waste of money in the case of your cat not enjoying wood pellets litter.


  1. The pine used to create Simply cat litter has a pleasant, fresh smell that is quite light and mild, while still being strong enough to mask the ammonia smell of cat urine.
  2. This cat litter is extremely absorbent, 3.5 times more absorbent than the store name brand, clay litters so you can save money and save product.
  3. The low dust-free formula is used perfect for any cats with allergies, or even cats without allergies since cats can be easily bothered by dust.


  1. A strange yet specific critique of this wood pellet litter is actually the color which is a darker brown shade. This may not seem like a huge issue but when you consider the color of a cat’s feces you can see the issue. It can sometimes be difficult to tell what needs to be scooped up and what is clean wood pellets.
  2. Since the smell is quite mild, you may need to change out the sawdust at the bottom of the litter box more often than with some other wood pellets for cat litters inside the litter box.

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Wood pellet litter really is used as a great alternative to the traditional store brand cat litter, since it tends to be more affordable, more environmentally friendly, less messy and safer for your cat. Changing to a new litter system will always be slightly unusual at first for both your kitty and yourself, but so long as you cat does not have any allergies to any woods, the transition will be worth the initial awkward stage.

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